How to Create a Mobile Friendly Resume

In nowadays the usage of our smartphones is incredibly high. We use them quite a lot and sometimes they have replaced the things we used to do with a computer. If you’re a job seeker or you recently have searched for a job probably most of the time you have …

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Solutions to Fix Galaxy S7 Speaker and Other Wet Issues

Galaxy S7 Wet Issues

The music player and speaker in the Samsung Galaxy S7 gives the mind-blowing pleasure to the music lovers who love to listen to music while travelling, or when they are free or out or want to hear the music of their choice. The soothing sound and excellent music refresh the …

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How to Fix Galaxy S7 TouchWiz Lag

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with best features that have made so many people purchase it and get the best experience. But the situation changed after Nougat update as it introduced many issues which made users frustrated as it made very difficult to use mobile effectively. There is the different issue …

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How to Fix Galaxy S7 Keyboard Lag

Galaxy S7 keyboard

Samsung is one of the most popular brands when it comes about smartphone and features. People are crazy about Galaxy S7 and so it is one of the most sold smartphones. But texting issues of S7 have affected its market and this is a serious issue which is faced by …

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How To Fix Galaxy S7 Warning: Camera Failed!

S7 camera failed

If you’re using Samsung Galaxy S7 then you may have experienced an error message telling “Warning: Camera Failed” while using your phone. This is what people have experienced and are still experiencing on their Galaxy S7. Well, whenever it occurs some users think it’s a bug or any technical error. …

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Galaxy S7 Set SD Cards as Internal ‘Adoptable’ Storage

Galaxy S7 SD Card as Adoptable Storage

If you have been using an Android smartphone, you must know that Android offers very limited support for external removable storage devices. It used to be quite inconvenient at times since Android users often used to complain about limited storage capacity. However, very soon the ‘adoptable storage’ concept emerged. What …

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How To Fix Galaxy S7 Touch Screen Sensitivity Issues

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 is one of the best phones on the market. It is not completely devoid of problems and issues. One of the most complained about problems in the S7 is the fluctuating sensitivity of the touchscreen. Sometimes, it is too sensitive- even a slight brush of the hand …

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10 Common Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems And How To Fix Them

Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung smartphones are among the best selling models available in the mobile phone market today. With elegant features and refined user experiences, these models are better than ever. However, there are certain issues that many users have reported of these two models. In this article, we shall take a look …

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How to Fix Galaxy S7 Overheating Problem

Galaxy S7 overheating

Overheating is a very general problem on almost all smartphones. Whenever you attempt to use your device for long hours, it will drain a lot of battery power and end up taking an exaction on the phone’s GPU or CPU. All these things overheat the device and make it very …

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How to Fix Galaxy S7 Volume and Power Button Not Working

Galaxy S7 Power On

The mobile industry is filled with the big brands entering the marketplace and showing the glamour of the upcoming technologies. They have been paving the concrete path for the future brands to bring something that is out of the box and strives for perfection. By the time the touchscreen has …

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