Install Flyme 4.1.2R OS On Galaxy Note 3 (Download Link)

Galaxy Note 3 Flyme Os

Download and install Meizu’s Flyme OS on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you are tired from the Touchwiz and you want to install something that will change your phone, definitely Flyme ROM is a good choice. It is a modified version of stock Android that Meizu Team uses for their …

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Update T-Mobile Galaxy S5 To Official TouchWiz 5.0 Lollipop

About two weeks ago we saw Verizon Galaxy S5 being updated to official Android 5.0 Lollipop. The update started rolling out over the air and lot of Verizon users have updated their phone to official Touchwiz Lollipop. Now another Lollipop update is rolling out for Galaxy S5 T-Mobile. T-Mobile pushed out the …

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Best Xposed Modules Working On Lollipop ROMs

You may have heard that Xposed Framework is updated and now supports Lollipop. Probably you have installed on your device and now you are looking for the best Xposed Modules to install on Lollipop. Updating Xposed Framework wasn’t an easy task, since Xposed is not just a simple app. Itdo …

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How To Extract Nandroid Backup Files ( .ext4.tar.a)

Nandroid backup, sometimes written as NANDroid is a portmanteau for the NAND flash memory. This memory is a permanent storage memory that your device and Android OS uses. By making a Nandroid backup you have created a standard directory structure for backing up a mirror image of your Android device. …

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How To Root Xperia Z3 With Locked Bootloader

Now you can root your Xperia Z3 device no matter if it has a locked or unlocked boot loader. Rooting a device had never been so easy. There are numerous way to root Xperia Z3 but mostly of them require a unlocked bootloader. Sometimes unlocking bootloader can be very difficult …

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