Download L Speed Mod on Android 8.0 Oreo

Speed is one of the biggest concern of Android users. Even though latest Android devices comes with great specifications such as 3 GB of RAM, octa-core processor and more still they suffer from lag issues. To fix this problem developers have found different ways to tweak system options and improve the performance of the devices. L Speed Mod is such popular among Android users. It combines many tweaks to improve devices performance and it has been available since in early 2015.

Unfortunately, with every version of Android, the mod needs to be updated to work. So in this post, you will learn how to download L Speed Mood for Android Oreo 8.0. A Developer named Paget96 has released a new version of the mod compatible with the Android Oreo. If you have updated your device to latest Android version than you might want to give it a spin and test some features.

You have to root the phone before installing L Speed on Android Oreo. The main goal of the mod is to improve the battery life but also it will improve the phone overall performance. If you want to try it do at your own risk and remember the mod is in the early stages and some things might not work properly.

To learn more how to download and install L Speed Mod on Android Oreo you should go to the official thread by visiting this link. There you will find the information to download the mod (it’s available on Play Store), join the Beta Chanel and keep in touch with the latest updates.

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