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How To Unlock Bootloader on Nexus 5

The most popular Google device, Nexus 5 comes with a locked bootloader, so in this article we are going to learn how to unlock it. Unlocking bootloader is the first step on the big world of Android. The guide provided below is a step by step procedure so you will have Nexus 5 booloader unlocked succesfully, and ready to begin customizing the device.

Unlocking bootloader gives you the chance to do various actions with your device like installing a Custom Recovery, flashing a Custom ROM, Custom Kernel and Root the device. So if you have taken your mind and you want to do it, do it by yourself. The step by step guide provided below is safe and tested by people around the world, so it works perfectly.

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Note: I am not responsible if you damage your phone. Even though this method is tested, who know maybe when you start unlocking bootloader on your Nexus 5 device the third world war begin, so do it with your own responsibility.


  • Make sure to have Google USB driver installed on your PC. If not then download from here. So you can transfer files easily from PC to your device.
  • USB Debugging must be enabled. Go to Settings > Developer Options > and check USB Debbuging Mode..
  • Battery must be charged more than 70% so your phone will not go dead during the procedure. If it goes dead during a flashing process like Custom ROMs or Custom Recovers, it will result in phone bricking.
  • Just to be safe perform a backup. Even if something goes wrong you still can access your data and files. If you have a Custom Recovery installed, CWM or TWRP backup using the recovery.
  • This tutorial is only for Nexus 5 devices so don’t try in other phones. This guide also is made to be performed on Windows.


How To Unlock Bootloader On Nexus 5

  • Download Android SDK and set up ADB & Fastboot mode.
  • Turn off the phone and wait for 30 seconds and turn it on again but this time boot in bootloader/fastboot mode by holding Volume Down + Power button.
  • Connect your phone to PC, open a command prompt window and type:
  • cd Desktop/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools
    fastboot devices

A new window will open showing the connected devices. Check for your phone serial number. If you find it then you are OK and can continue to the next step. If your phone is not on the list then the drivers are not installed correctly. Try fixing your drivers to continue.

If the phone is recognized by the command above, type the following code to unlock bootloader.

Note: This step will wipe everything on your phone.

fastboot oem unlock

On the phone screen a pop-up window should appear asking you to unlock the bootloader. Use the Volume buttons to navigate, choose the Yes option and use the Power buttons confirm.

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After the above command finished, there is a final step you must perform. It’s really important so don’t skip it.


  • fastboot reboot

The phone will reboot. The first time my take up about 10 minutes so let the phone to reboot successfully and then it’s ready for the next step of Android developments

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