What to Expect From The Coming Years of The Golden Age of Technology

Mankind has always had the ability to learn and to create. We can see a slow yet steady journey of discovery that started with the first man who discovered fire and is still ongoing. It will continue to do so until the day comes when our race becomes extinct.

History is dotted with many significant discoveries that have helped us become more advanced. But the past few decades have seen more development and advancements than any other point in our timeline. It’s safe to say that we live in the golden era of technological advancements and the day isn’t far when we humans will be able to reach heights that could never have been thought possible to reach.

Technology is constantly evolving at an incredibly fast rate and the coming years hold plenty of promise for everyone.

So let’s take a look at what the near future has in store for us. Some of what it has to offer is groundbreaking while some are terrifying, and all of it is going to be truly fascinating.

3d printer

3D Printing

3D printing technology has finally left its training wheels behind and has turned into something incredibly useful. The technology is being applied in a variety of fields ranging from large scale manufacturing to producing life-saving items in the area of biotechnology.

This technology is already holding a lot of promise. NASA plans on taking it to the next level by developing 3D printing robots that can be sent into space to construct entire space stations that can then be inhabited and used for research purposes.


Speaking of 3D printing, scientists have gained the ability to produce prosthetics with incredibly accurate and intricate designs that are electronically powered and can mimic natural limb movement like never before. 3D printing technology has enabled scientists to produce complex components at affordable costs. Now, these limbs are slowly becoming available on a larger scale and are practical enough to be used by almost anyone. A few years ago, a Singaporean soldier received a mechanical arm that is durable and realistic enough to be used out in the field.

Imagine what we can do now…

prosthetic limb

Researchers are also busy in coming up with artificial hearts that last longer and function like natural hearts. By the end of the next decade, we just might be seeing artificial organs such as lungs, kidneys and more that will be able to function pretty well. A lot of barriers are being knocked down in the field of biotechnology at an incredibly fast pace.

Modern Warfare

So far the only soldiers that take bullets and keep on walking exist only in the movies and video games. However, in the near future, such soldiers might start existing in real life as well. Exo-suits are in development. They are capable of increasing their wearer’s physical strength significantly and come with armor that absorbs bullet impact and damage quite efficiently. While the armor is still under development, strength enhancing suits are being used in areas like Japan for industrial work. They just aren’t advanced enough to be used for the extraneous activities yet.



Robots are becoming more intelligent and more practical. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more sophisticated. Robots soon are going to become reliable enough to be used for complicated tasks. Also, an extended branch of robotics is bringing every guy’s dream of operating a “mecha” to live. Recently in South Korea, a mechanic robot piloted by a human was tested out and the results looked pretty promising. If feasible enough, these piloted robots could be used for a wide variety of tasks.

Birth Control

We humans have always been trying to come up with effective ways of reducing the chances of conceiving. There have been a lot of solutions introduced such as contraceptive pills, arm implants, surgical procedures but all these can cause impotence.

Fortunately, a new technology is being worked on. Tt’s backed by Bill Gates himself. By 2018 we might get access to birth control chips that get implanted in the body to release hormones that can prevent a female from getting pregnant for up to 16 years. The technology isn’t being welcomed by everyone. Anyhow, given the fact that the global population is rising at a rapid rate, this solution might actually be effective. It might become accepted soon enough.

Google self-drive car


While teleportation is something that we have yet to achieve, our current form of transportation is set to revolutionize soon. Companies like BMW are actively working on cars that can drive themselves. Google is also working on ways to make vehicles self-driving. Just recently BMW came up with a motorbike that is self-balancing and has the ability to follow its owner all by itself. We believe in just a few years, the self-driving cars can be available for everyone to use.

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