Why Every Parent Should Use a Spy App To Monitor Children

The hardest thing being a parent these days is to keep the children on the right track. There are endless of possibilities your children can be cheated online, so keeping an eye what they do on their phones is a smart way. Today’s teens use technology more than ever and the use of the internet is growing rapidly.

Many teens have cell phones nowadays and they spend hours on social networks, messaging friends, creating blogs and more. Technology especially the internet allows us to immediate information which can greatly benefit our lives. However, on the other side, it makes us vulnerable to attacks and put our information at risk if we don’t use it carefully. The Internet has also provided some people with the means to exploit the innocent, inflict injury on others and commit crimes.

Teens are more vulnerable to be cheated online. They may misuse and believe everything on the internet and as a result, they may be victims of their actions and carelessness. So as a parent, it is your duty to protect your children from being victims of such people. Consciously or unconsciously teens can be victims of many different frauds.

Being victims of frauds is only one thing. Your child can use the phone to watch inappropriate content as well. That’s why every parent must use a spy app to monitor their children’s phone. If you really care about them and want to be safe you have to get a spy app to monitor their devices.

Spy app allows you to monitor everything they do on their smartphones. You can check their messages, calls, WhatsApp and other chatting apps and much more.

Why it’s strongly recommended to monitor your children phone?

mSpy app

Over the last year, forty-three percent of teens have been victims of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is using the internet and technology devices such as cell phones to send or post text and images with the intention to hurt or embarrass someone. The number of teens that had a cyberbully is growing in the last year. It victimizes teens in various ways:

  • Twenty percent of teens had a cyberbully pretend to be someone else in order to cheat them online and reveal personal sensitive information.
  • Thirteen percent of the teens have learned that a cyberbully was pretending to be them while communicating with someone else.
  • Seventeen percent of teens were victimized by someone lying about them online.
  • Teen percent of teens were victimized because someone posted pictures and other personal stuff, without permission.

It’s scary…

Stats shows that eighty-one percent of youth said that other cyberbully because they think it’s funny but it can lead to serious problems. As and adult you should stop cyberbullying. The best way to do this is to monitor your children’s phone. Also, you should talk with them and teach how to be careful while interacting in cyberspace.

Cyberbullying teens

Eighty percent of teens said that they don’t have any parental rules about the use of the internet.

Teens think that youth cyberbullying is a joke and they don’t realize the negative impact it may have on the victim. Parents and caregivers must help to keep youth safe online. To do this, first parents have to be aware of the types of activities youth are engaged online. To do this and understand what your child chat and do you should use spy app.

Various apps such as WhatsApp spy app are coming on handy to monitor your child activity. Studies reveal that only 11% of teens talk to their parents about the incidents that may happen online. As a parent, you should monitor your children to help them prevent cyberbullying. That’s why you need a spy app.

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