Download CyanogenMod 14.1 For OnePlus 3T

In this article, we will talk about CyanogenMod 14.1 for OnePlus 3T. This ROM is compatible only with OnePlus 3T, so do not try to install it on OnePlus 3 because you may end up with a bricked device and I bet you don’t want to deal with this issue. CM 14.1 is based on Android 7.1 and contains all it features and optimizations, so your phone will run smoothly.

CyanogenMod 14.1 ROM for OnePlus 3T is not compatible with any kernel that isn’t built for CM 14.1. This ROM is available thanks to PeterCxy, a senior member at XDA-Developers. He said that he built the ROM for its own daily use and then decided to share it because there was no public release of the CM 14.1 for OnePlus 3T.

This ROM doesn’t support OTA update, even you receive any it’s better to ignore it if you don’t want to run into troubles. Even if you try still you will not be able to install the update at all.

In this ROM is embedded an app called “Brevent”. It is a refactored version of the Xposed module “Prevent Running”. It doesn’t depend on the Xposed framework but depends on framework patches. The developer says that he needs the app to stop some Chinese app that keeps the device awake all the time. However, you can easily turn the “Auto Prevent” off. Go to Brevent > User Guide > Advanced Settings.

CM 14.1 OnePlus 3T


Even though this ROM is stable and can be considered as a daily driver still exists few bugs. So the front camera goes only up to 4 MP instead of 16 MP it normally should go. Sometimes new photos may become green. To fix this use a third-party camera and you won’t experience the issues anymore. For some carriers, LTE may not work normally. This is all reported until now.


If you install a Custom ROM the warranty will be voided. Here at DoryLabs, we are not responsible for any bricked device, dead SD cards or if you break up with your girlfriend. If you have any concerns about this ROM, do some research and then come back to install it. Remember you are doing this on your own so do not put the finger on anyone if something goes wrong.


CyanogenMod 14.1 for OnePlus 3T | Download 

How to install CyanogenMod 14.1 on OnePlus 3T

To install CM 14.1 on OnePlus 3T you must have a custom recovery such as TWRP installed on your phone. It’s recommended to use TWRP because it has a simpler user interface and it’s safer than the others.

To install the ROM, reboot your phone into recovery and go to the install section. Select the ROM you downloaded from the link above and flash it.

If needed flash Gapps and enjoy CM 14.1 on OnePlus 3T. The CyanogenMod team hasn’t released anything officially, but once they do it’s better to update to their build of CM 14.1 for OnePlus 3T.

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