How to Backup Contacts and Messages from LG Android devices to PC

Contacts and messages are one of the widely used and crucial apps available on any Android device. Contacts contain all the personal information about our friends, colleagues, and family members and on the other hand, messages contain all the special and precious memories that may have taken place in our lives.

That’s why it is sere important to keep a backup of our messages and contacts to our PC or any other safer location. Android devices especially LG, Samsung, Asus, Motorola or any other Android smartphones have a tendency to malfunction very easily like system crash, factory reset, failed system updates, etc. & the first thing that comes into impact is our personal data.

Granted that we can live without multimedia files but not without messages and contacts. Although in this tutorial, we show how to backup contacts and messages from LG Android devices to PC, you can apply the same methods to backup contacts & messages from any Android devices.

Solution #1: Backup Contacts via Gmail.

Gmail provides verities of services but one feature that most people overlook is that Gmail can backup your contacts from Android devices. Gmail automatically creates a full backup of your contacts whenever you sync with it and certainly, you can download the contacts on your PC using any web browser. Below is the step by step guide to show how to backup Contacts via Gmail.

Step 1. Open Menu and find Settings.

Step 2. Tap on Accounts and select Google.

Step 3. Login to your favorite Gmail account and choose “Sync Contacts”.

Step 4. Tap on the three-dotted menu icon in the top right corner and select “Sync Now” to backup all the contacts from LG to Gmail.

Step 5. Turn on your PC and open using any web browser. Go to “My Contacts” and download the contacts to your PC as XML or vCard format.

Saving contacts in vCard format is recommended as these are easily read by Android and Apple devices and if you wish to preview the contacts in PC then download the contacts as XML format.


  • Google deletes all data from your drive after 30 days.
  • Time-consuming method.

Solution #2: Backup Messages from LG to PC with Android App.

Google Play Store has apps for almost any purpose including backing up messages from Android devices. After trying many apps, we have found out that SMS Backup+ is the most reliable free app to transfer messages from LG to PC. It is free to use and has an extremely simple user interface.

Step 1. Unlock your LG phone and open Google Play Stores.

Step 2. Search “SMS Backup+” and install the app on your phone.

Step 3. Open the app and tap on “Backup”.

Step 4. Select “Connect your Gmail Account” and enter the login credentials of your Google account.

Step 5. Tap on Backup again to save all the messages on your LG phone memory or Gmail account.

Step 6. Finally, copy the saved backup file to your PC from LG phone if you have selected to save the backup file on your phone memory. And if you have selected to backup the messages to your Gmail account then login to Gmail account from PC and download the messages effortlessly.


  • Ad-supported app.
  • Potential virus installation is possible.


In this brief tutorial, we have shown how to backup contacts and messages from LG smartphones to PC. Although, as we mentioned you can use the same tricks to backup contacts and messages from any Android device. Gmail is very reliable service as it gives you the opportunity to access your messages and contacts from anywhere in this world. So, even if your phone is stolen then also you can retrieve the messages and contacts from your Google account. Hopefully, you guys have found this tutorial helpful and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get latest updates.

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