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Since the 1930s, TV industry has been continuously growing all over the world. There was a time when people watch the news, sports, and shows in black and white resolutions, then came the colour TV in the 1960s that brought an end to the era of black & white TV. However, the expansion of digital technologies, mainly in the 21st century, has surpassed the entire scenario of telecommunication facilities across the globe. Various TV service providers offer a vast variety of TV facilities along with remarkable features to their customers.

Now, the audience wants to get the best TV service at reasonable prices as watching TV has never been so expensive. In 2016, after acquiring Times Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, Charter Communication renamed and merged them into one. It is later titled as Spectrum. Since then, Spectrum is recognized as telecommunication tycoon and it delivers cutting-edge digital services in cable TV, internet, and voice with great commitment and legacy.

Now, enjoy the blazing-fast and constant internet speed. In 2018, Charter received the top position as the best cable TV providers in the USA due to its reliability and inexpensive services. With Charter Spectrum TV; customers get the best experience of watching the finest quality of channels in high-definition along with free digital video recording service. With the excellent Charter packages, it earned a significant amount of reputation in millions of people and delivers the outstanding quality of networks in crystal-clear resolution. Following are the interesting features of Spectrum cable TV that you would like to explore in 2018.

1. Get Premium Networks in HD

Nowadays, the audience does not just want to watch basic or popular channels in standard definition; rather, they wish to get the best experience. Spectrum Cable fulfils viewers’ desires with dedication and provides a vast range of premium networks in HD quality including free DVR service.

If you are busy in some urgent work and do not want to miss a live musical concert of your favourite singer, then record it with DVR facility and enjoy it later. Charter DVR has the ability to records consecutively for 600 hours and ensures the fantastic experience of functionality and entertainment to its users. Spectrum offers a wide range of TV channels through its Triple Play packages tiers like Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold. With Charter Bundle Deals, users get access to more than 200 top-notch channels like ESPN, CNN, HBO, HBO GO, MAX GO, HGTV, STARZ ENCORE, NFL Networks, and a lot more.

2. Spectrum TV On-Demand

Charter Spectrum TV permits viewers to get access to thousands of movies, songs, shows, as well as networks of premium quality such as CBS®, FOX®, ABC® and many more. If you wish to watch latest shows and movies in 3D, you can instantly get it by placing a request of your favourite content.

Users get the fantastic experience of fights, special standup shows and live streaming with Pay per View feature. Likewise, with Premium on Demand service, audiences only need to subscribe to a premium network and watch free movies and shows without any charges. Download Spectrum TV app in your compatible devices and watch more than 170 live channels as every screen is TV screen using Spectrum TV app. If you are away from your home, you can still catch your favourite sports, movies, and programs on the go.

3. Perfect Coupling with Charter Internet

One of the extraordinary benefits of cable TV is that it perfectly pairs with the Spectrum internet. Charter internet offers the thrilling-fast and reliable internet speed along with unlimited downloading, uploading, and net browsing. Also, there is no limitation on internet speed and usage and you can download your favourite movies, play high-graphics games and upload desired content online as much as you want.

Charter internet offers free in-home Wi-Fi that keeps all the members of the family stay connected. The modem ensures user-friendly approach and delivers robust internet connection through efficient internet speed in the house. With the availability of thousands of hotspots across the US, you can now enjoy the amazing online entertainment during your tours and vacations.

Unlike other internet service providers, charter offers the state-of-the-art protection to its users’ computer from online threats. It provides incredible software along with the internet service known as Security Suite. It comprises of a complete set of security tools that immediately detect viruses, malware, and malicious materials whenever it tries to compromise the firewall of the users’ PCs.

4. No Contract

While other cable TV providers’ deliver their services on the basis of contract policy, Charter always care about its customers and does not believe in this practice. It offers all of its digital services without any contract that means that users can end up any service whenever they want without paying any termination fees. Similarly, if you are stuck in the contract of your provider and want to get rid of it, then Spectrum can buy it out by paying a termination fee up to $500.

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  1. When it comes to TV services, at some point the subscribers gets bored with the kinds of channels that they receive in the package. Spectrum however offers a wide range of channels to the users that include some premium ones too!

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