How To Fix LG G3 GPS Issues (Showing Wrong Location)

LG G3 is one of the best devices LG has ever created. The intro the company made and the specs it has blew people mind and lot of them bought it. But is this device as good as it is supposed to be?

Actually it depends on you and what you are looking for. If you like a beautiful phone then go for it cause it has a cool design. The specs are great as well but people have reported various issues on it. All of them can be easily fixed but it might be annoying sometime.

GPS not working is the most common issue in LG G3. There are numerous people who have reported various issues with the GPS. Nothing is perfect, we know that but LG G3 is suffering from other issues as well. Lot of people around the Android community have reported other problems such as lag and the camera has not the quality they expected.LG G3 gps issues

In today’s guide we will focus on how to fix GPS showing wrong places on LG G3. This is a big problem because if you travel somewhere you will need the GPS to find places. But have you ever though that after you follow a direction on GPS to find the way back to the hotel, you will be in a place that you have never seen before. It’s nasty right!


If you have ever suffered from this issue you know how annoying it is. However we have some good news for you. There are some workaround solutions to fix GPS issues on LG G3. There is nothing official yet from LG but it seems to be more like a bug or something similar so there is nothing to worry. If you are the owner of an LG G3 then keep calm and enjoy it.

If you are experiencing this issue very often, we recommend you to try GPS tools for more accurate location access. Also make sure to go under Settings > Location Access > Access My Location and try to connect to any GPS service. If you are already connected to a GPS service and still your phone is not showing the right location try to reboot it.

If the above solution doesn’t help then you should do a Factory Reset. Probably one of the apps that you have installed recently is crashing and causing the issue. The factory reset will be very helpful because it will delete all the apps you have installed and will make your phone like new. It might help to fix GPS issues on LG G3.

And remember always check for the latest update. Usually a notification will let you know that an update is available to download but sometimes it might not appear so to not miss any update go to Settings > About Device > Software Update and check for updates. The update might be a permanent solution because this seems to be like a bug.

If you have any other question please feel free to write in the comment below or if you have any other idea what can work in this case you are pleased to share it with us. It might help a lot of users to fix GPS showing wrong places on LG G3.


  1. Santa's little helper

    Just want to help, since i was frustrated by this problem for more than a year before finding an actual solution. In short, the contact between the mainboard (logic board) and the antenna on the back case is poor. So what you have to do (and you will void your warranty unfortunately) is open the back case, open the screws, pop open the cover. Behind the cover, left and right of where the camera is, are 6 metal contacts, in groups of 2 (4 in the right and 2 in the left i think). What you want to do is pry the metal contacts slightly using a fine tweezer and inserting a piece of very thin cardboard under it without breaking it. Do it for all 6 contacts. With any luck, your GPS will work like it has never worked before. search “LG G3 GPS Cobertura Fix” on youtube to see where the metal contacts are, and “technique: How to fix Bad GPS and Cell Phone Signal for LG G2” on ifixit to see how to do it. Best of luck.

  2. 5-2-2017 I have a LG G3 and live in Washington State. The GPS on my phone went haywire and showed my in Borger, Texas. 5 hours of searching the internet for a fix and this is what I found that fixed my phone within 5 minutes of using this solution. Download GPS ESSENTIALS from the Google Play app. Open the app and then click on the COMPASS. Follow these directions on this YouTube channel. .

    Once you have turned your phone in the 3 directions, click BACK and and in the GPS ESSENTIALS app, click SATELLITES.. Let this run until it has found 2 or 3 or more satellites in your area and your phone GPS is fixed.

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