How To Root Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910S LTE With SuperSU

Do you want to root your LTE Galaxy Note 4 SM-910S variant?

You’re in the right place because in this guide below you will find everything explained in details how to do that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is such a great device with a Snapdragon 805 Quad Core CPU accompanied by Adreno420 GPU, 3 GB of RAM and a 5.7 inches Super AMOLED display. This is such a powerful device and being in stock won’t unleash its real power.

So to get full control of your phone and do whatever you want you have to root it and it’s quite easy to do so. Once you get root access there are endless of possibilities to modify and play with your device.

Nowadays it’s quite easy to get root access but when you think in the early days of Android when it was in the first steps of developing, rooting wasn’t easy at all or I would say it was impossible to do it.

With the time the operating system has evolved so the developers have expanded their knowledge about it and have found various ways and exploits to get root access. The best of all is that nowadays there are a couple of tools that will root your device with just a simple click and without a computer.

Some devices have more support due to the fact they are more popular and developers focus more on these devices. Usually, these are the devices from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.

Galaxy Note 4 is quite popular and so developers have created tools to root the devices and released various mods and custom ROMs. Almost every popular ROM is available to download and install. If you want to install a new ROM completely different than the stock Samsung TouchWiz Firmware then you should check Echoe ROM.

Even though there may be a plethora of custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4, you can’t install them if you don’t root your device first. So to begin customizing your phone you need to root it and below you are going to find how to do it.


If you have been using an Android device and know a bit about rooting tools, custom recoveries and ROMs then probably you should have heard about Chainfire and his famous tool CF-Auto-Root. The tool has been available for quite a long time and many other people have used it to get root access. To support the newest devices the developer should update the tool and in this case, he has done it and now CF-Auto-Root supports the Galaxy Note 4.

In the guide below you are going to find all the steps on how to root the Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910S LTE using CF-Auto-Root. Before starting the procedure be sure to do a research what root is all about.


  • This guide is only for Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910S

Before starting the rooting procedure make sure that your device is the same variant as the one mentioned in this guide, otherwise, you may run into problems. Here at DoryLabs, we don’t hold any kind of responsibilities if you run into issues. Check your device model number by going to Settings > More/General > About Device.

  • Check your battery status, it should be at least 60%

Your battery should be at least 60% so you will be sure that your device will not shut down unexpectedly during the process. If it does it may cause software problems. Then you may need to flash a stock firmware and wipe all your data.

  • Use the original data cable to connect the phone to PC

Always be sure to use the original OEM cable to ensure a secure connection between your phone and PC. Other cables sometimes don’t work well and can interrupt the flashing process.

  • Backup everything

To be safe backup everything on your phone. Even though this guide is tested on many devices, things can happen so to be sure backup all the data you need.

  • Turn off Samsung Kies and other software while using Odin3

Be sure to turn off Samsung Kies while using the ODIN3 tool. Because Samsung Kies will interrupt the ODIN3 and it can cause errors. Sometimes it doesn’t allow you to flash the desired custom recovery or root files. Also, make sure to turn off the antivirus software and disable firewall to avoid any issues.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE SM-N910S

  • Download ODIN from here.
  • Make sure to have USB drivers installed
  • Download and extract CF-Auto-Root file from here.

How to Root Galaxy Note 4 – Guide

  • Extract the downloaded CF-Auto-Root file and you will get the tar.md5 file
  • Open ODIN flash tool.
  • Reboot your phone into Download Mode. Turn it off and wait about 10 seconds then turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home Button + Power key simultaneously. You will see a warning, press Volume Up to continue.
  • Connect your phone to PC, and wait for ODIN to detect your phone. The ID:COM box should turn blue.
  • On ODIN 3.09 click on the AP tab and if you are using ODIN 3.07 click on PDA and choose the tar.md5 file you downloaded.
  • Click Start and wait until the rooting process is complete, when your phone restarts, remove it from PC.
  • Look for SuperSu app now.
  • That’s all. If you want to verify if root was successful read below.

How To Verify Root Access:

  • Download “Root Checker” from Play Store. It’s free.
  • Once downloaded, open it
  • Tap verify Root
  • It will ask for SuperSu rights, tap Grant
  • It should show you Root Access Verified Now

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