Collection Of The Best One Plus 3 Audio Mods


Developers are simply awesome. They keep working everyday to create cool stuff for our devices. In today’s article we are going to talk about the best audio mods for OnePlus 3. This post is a collection of Audio mods so you can choose what you really want to change on your device.

Using various mods you can make your phone even better. No matter what device you are using still there is space for improvements and the best way to do this is to flash a mod. But before doing it you must be prepared;

  • Root your OnePlus 3
  • It works on CM ROMs. Not tested on OOS.
  • Must have a Custom Recovery installed. TWRP Recommended.

To install a audio mod on Oneplus 3 you simply need to download it and put on your phone internal memory. Then reboot your phone into recovery. Go to the install section and then select the zip file and flash it.

OnePlus 3 Audio Mods

Mono Surround Sound

I’m starting this list with my favourite audio mod. As the name says, Mono surround sound will activate the earpiece speaker in conjunction with the bottom speaker and this will create a surround sound effect. Surround sound mod is perfect to listen music, but also if you want to watch a movie on your device the sound effect will be great. This mod won’t affect notification because there is another option for them.

This mod will tweak your phone settings and it will play all audio through one channel. By activating this mod your phone basically will have 2 mono speakers instead the only one in the bottom of the device. Warning: If you mes with sound equalizer do it at your own risk because it effect the earpiece and if you increase the volume too much it may potentially blow it out.


Download OnePlus 3 Mono Surround Sound

Camcorder Mic Gain Mod

This Mod increases the microphone gain for the audio recorded using the camcorder. The developers said that he creates this mod as a workaround solution for the aggressive way noise cancellation that happens often. The mod won’t fix the problem but it will make it more bearable. So you may want to give it a try.

Download Camcorder Mic Gain Mod

Camcorder Disable NS v4

The developer has released few versions of the mod. The V1 attempts to disable noise suppression for the camcorder in the audio_platform_info.xml. V2 increases the mic gain by 12db for the camcorder only on CM. V3 switches to stereo recording for CM. V4 increases gain for OOS by 12 db.

Download Camcorder Disable V4 Mod

For more info about OnePlus 3 Audio mods visit the official thread.

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