How To Change App Permissions On Android M Without Root

Have you ever thought that you are very limited when you install an app on Android . When you install an app, Android put you in a tough choice. You will have to choose either to accept all the app permissions or not to install it at all. But why are those app permissions? Are they really needed for the app to work normally? In most of the cases permissions are needed for the app to work because it needs to get access to some data on your phone to fully work. But it might happen sometimes that the app requires to access too much on your phone.

Developers have found different ways to change app permissions on Android but all of them require to mess up with system files. To do that you will need to root your phone and as a result your warranty will be voided. It’s very important to manage well app permissions. There are many cases when an application requires to access much more than it need to work. I have seen different apps requiring to access camera or even the ability so send messages without noticing. It has no sense why it should do that without your notice.

To make things easier Google decided to change the way you manage app permissions. Android M allows you to easily enable and disable app permissions without having to root your phone or install extra apps. In Android M everything is easier. It is modified and lets you to manage app permissions without having to root your phone or install third-party apps. You can do that directly from your phone settings. Follow the steps below to easily change app permissions on Android M.

Android M Permissions

How To Enable And Disable Android M App Permissions

  • Go to Settings -> Applications
  • Find the app you want to change permissions and tap on it.
  • Tap on permissions and a list with the app permissions will appear.
  • Tap on those permissions you want to disable.
[wp-like-lock]Remember to disable only those permissions you may think are useless. If you disable the wrong permissions the app may force close and stop working. So choose wisely because those permissions are there for a reason.  [/wp-like-lock]

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