Download Galaxy Note 8 Apps (Weather, Keyboard, Gallery, Launcher, Calendar, Themes, Contacts etc)

Being an Android user can be great because we are able to try the latest goodies without having to purchase the latest devices. This means you can get the apps of the newly released devices and install them on your older devices.

If you are a Samsung fan and can’t wait to try the latest stuff of Samsung, in this post, you will learn how to install Galaxy Note 8 system apps on other Samsung devices. The only requirement to do this is to have a Samsung device and stock TouchWiz Firmware. It should be Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.

Thanks to AlexisXDA the Note 8 apps are ported to other devices and you can get them right away. Below there is a step by step guide how you can do this.  The easiest and safest method is to flash a zip file via recovery but you can choose to install the apk files as well.

List of ported Galaxy Note 8 Apps

  • Browser
  • Messaging
  • Gallery
  • Keyboard
  • Weather
  • S Finder
  • People Edge
  • Calculator
  • Incall UI
  • Clock
  • TouchWiz Home
  • Samsung Themes
  • Fingerprint Service
  • Smart Manager
  • Air Command
  • Fused Location


How to install Galaxy Note 8 Apps on Other devices


  • The Galaxy Note 8 apps work only on Samsung Devices running TouchWiz Android 7.0 or higher. Make sure your phone is running on Android Nougat before going further. Go to Settings > About Phone and check the software version.
  • Your phone must be rooted and you should have a Custom Recovery installed. It’s recommended to use the latest build of TWRP because it has a simple user interface, supports touch screen and it’s quite stable. Other recoveries work quite fine as well. If you haven’t rooted your device and installed a recovery yet, you may want to have a look at our Android Root Section and Custom Recovery Section. Make a simple search for your device and probably you will find something.

How to install Galaxy Note 8 Apps zip file

  • Download the zip file from the link above and move it to the phone internal storage.
  • Turn off your device and boot into recovery mode by pressing and holding at the same time Volume Up + Home + Power Button.
  • Once the device boots into recovery, tap on “Install” and select the zip file you downloaded from the above link.
  • Flash the zip file and restart the phone.
  • Once the phone turns on you will notice the changes.

If for any reason you can’t flash the zip file, you can try to install the Galaxy Note 8 Apps APK files. This method isn’t tested yet on most of the device so it might not work fine. Anyhow you can give it a try but do it at your own risk. Rember you are the only one responsible if you end up with a bricked device, break up with your girlfriend or get fired.

How to install Galaxy Note 8 Apps apk

  • Download the zip file from the link above.
  • Extract the file and open the extracted folder.
  • Find the apk of the app you want and install it as a normal apk file.

This is basically all. If you have any concern related to this post feel free to write us in the comment section below. We would be happy to help you with anything related to your devices.

Also, if you decide to try the Galaxy Note 8 apps on your old Samsung device, you are pleased to share your experience with us. Drop a comment below and share it with various Android users like you and me.

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