How to Automate Uber and Lyft Driving for Free

Uber of Lyft aroused as great alternatives for taxis and are gaining more popularity day by day. If you are working for one of both companies but the fares and income aren’t enough for you then you may plan to work for the other company too. But the main hurdle that drivers face while working for both the companies is the app.

Both Uber and Lyft provide their drivers with the apps to keep the track of the passengers and many other requirements. To use one of the driver apps from Uber or Lyft, the other app must be switched off. Yeah, one cannot use both the apps simultaneously on the device.

Dash Luft Uber automate

But now with the latest app designed by one of the most skilled xda developers, drivers can use both apps at the same time. He developed an app that gives you a scope to use both Uber and Lyft apps at a time making it easier for the drivers to plan the trip.

The free app also offers drivers with a lot of features that helps in planning the trips, checking the schedules and a lot. Here is a sneak peak of the features that the free app offers:

  • Tracks the route you used.
  • Automatically accepts either Uber or Lyft trip disabling the other.
  • Maintain a record of all your trips, and this doesn’t need any user interaction.
  • Shows all your trip data with a user-friendly interface.
  • Preserves all the data on your device.
  • Keeps the record of all your pick up, drop off, accept, arrival times and the locations
  • Various types of filters based on distance, rider rating, surge rates, service requested.
  • Provides you the audible alerts when a specific trip is taken.
  • Stores all your data in Google Drive making it accessible on any device.
  • The reports created by the app are printable.

These are some of the amazing features provided by the app. The sole purpose of developing this app is to help driver work for both Uber and Lyft without any hassle. It creates a user-friendly environment for the drivers by keeping all the track record and giving scope to access them through any device. Developers are making the app user-friendly and interactive with many other improvements.

Download the app here.

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