Top 5 Mobile Apps for Forex Trading and Analysis

We live in a world where technology is accessible via a plethora of channels. Today, it is possible to have the power of an entire computer in just a small device. Smartphones have revolutionized the business world in so many ways. One of the areas that have been affected by mobile innovation is the forex trade. Forex traders depend on mobile phones for forex analysis and even trading.

There are many mobile applications that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of forex traders. These apps are easy to use and practical for daily needs. Among the many forex trading and analysis apps in the market, the following are the best five.

1. Trade Interceptor

This application is one of those that offer advanced trading analysis tools. Most of these tools were previously unavailable in any other place other than in personal computers because of their complexity. With the introduction of this app to the market, however, traders are now able to get access to features like advanced charts, split-screen views, real-time news and so much more. The app is available on popular platforms including on Android and iPhone. It is possible to trade on the app since the interface is greatly designed to allow for interaction with forex brokers. The app is a great source of information on the general financial markets and it includes live streaming news.

2. NetDania

The NetDania global forex and stock trading app is one of the best apps available for showing the market overview, doing comparisons and trading. This app supports various charts and some of the features that users can access include:

  • Information about over 2000 currency pairs
  • Real-time market news
  • Trading alerts
  • Multiple languages support

There are many other features supported on the app as well. This app is one of the few where the price of Bitcoin and a couple of other cryptocurrencies is shown in real-time. The app is quite versatile and it draws its information from an extensive number of markets. The app is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.

3. Bloomberg

The Bloomberg business app is one of the best for accessing market analysis, news, live TV and a host of other services within the same platform. This app is available for Android and iPhone and users can have a choice of either free use or subscription. Bloomberg is a steady source of real-time news which has been relied upon by forex traders, analysts and other market enthusiasts for a very long time. The launch of a Bloomberg mobile app brought with it a new method of disseminating useful market information. One of the major benefits of this app is its functional interface which allows users to track their assets, check market price data and track portfolios.

4. FXCM Trading Station Mobile

The FXCM trading app is one of the best in the market for monitoring your account information, accessing market information and doing trade analysis. This app supports the performance of various tasks like entering into trades, exiting trades and even send alerts to traders. The FXCM app is equipped with a great user interface that can be tweaked to display all sorts of news and alerts. The application is available for all the popular platforms including Apple and Android. The best feature of this app is the unique and simple interface which is specifically designed for small devices. The interface allows traders to view information quickly and do their work efficiently.

5. MetaTrader 5

The MetaTrader 5 app allows users to access information about stocks and currencies in an efficient manner. This app comes with several features that include:

  • Over 30 technical indicators
  • Trade execution
  • Financial news
  • Trade alerts

In addition, the MT5 mobile app also comes with a host of analytical objects, interactive charts, a customizable interface and so much more. All the features that come with the desktop version of MT5 including community access are also availed in the mobile app. This app is definitely one of the fully-fledged trading and analysis mobile apps available.

The above mobile apps offer a great option for traders who would love to have trading and analysis tools on a mobile phone. The apps are not only great for checking information quickly but they also offer unmatched overall value to traders.

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