Download Pixel 2 HDR+, Portrait Mode, and AR Stickers to the Essential Phone

Camera quality is the most important feature of the smartphone but it is not always possible to get it as it will increase the budget of the phone. But today there is an option to have pixel 2 along with portrait mode on any essential phone.

Everyone might be aware of Essential phones that were released this year which are good at features and price. They have all the required things but just one feature that led it back is camera quality. But now there is good news for all Essential users as it is possible to download the Google Pixel camera app with HDR+, Portrait Mode and AR Stickers on an Essential phone.

Recently Google Pixel 2 camera app is being available for some phones to improve camera quality and it is good to hear that Essential phones are supporting it. The best thing is there is no problem with audio or phone camera of an Essential phone even if installing Pixel 2 HDR+, Portrait Mode and AR Stickers.

Essential Phone

Precondition to enable Pixel 2 camera app with all features

It is very important to root the phone so that Google Pixel 2 camera app will be installed with all required features. Android Oreo beta2 firmware is also required on the phone. Magisk v15.2 is required in the phone and so if you want to enjoy Pixel camera, you need to download it. Once it is downloaded it is also important to install it on your device to follow further steps.

How to install Google Pixel 2 Camera App, HDR+, Portrait Mode and AR Stickers

If you are not having a Google Pixel phone and still want to have its camera app with portrait mode and other features on your Essential phone, make sure all requirements are fulfilled. Next below-given instructions are to be followed to enjoy new features of the camera app.

  • Download and copy into the phone internal storage all the files mentioned in the preconditions above.
  • Magisk manager is also required and must be open on the device.
  • On the top left corner, there is a three dots menu button. Tap on it.
  • Next, tap on the ‘+’ button which should be yellow. The big plus button is available at the bottom.
  • You will get a prompt where you need to select Magisk module zip. Browse to the location where the zip file is placed and select it.
  • Once the installation is completed, you can see Magisk module on the screen.
  • Now reboot the phone. Find the option at the bottom of the screen which must be tapped to apply all changes.

Now, it’s possible for users of an Essential phone to have camera app with portrait mode and AR stickers to get the best experience. Check it here.

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