How To Enable Advanced Power Menu On Sony Xperia Z3

Enable Advanced Power Menu on Sony Xperia Z3 and you can easily boot into Recovery and Bootloader directly from Power Menu. You may have seen that when you open Power Menu it shows you only the option to reboot and turn off. But thanks to the amazing developers who do great things, we can customize every piece of our Android device.

That’s the beauty of Android, it allows you to fully customise it, depending on your needs. With a little knowledge and thanks to the hard work developers, we have so much opportunity to customise our Android device and add plethora of extra features and options. You also can learn how to create your own apps for Android. No code is needed any more. Thanks to this amazing company you can create any application without having to learn coding. Visit the site here.

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Let’s be back to our topic. We were talking about the flexibility of Android and how easy is to customise it. This article is especially for Advanced Power Menu on Sony Xperia Z3. In the end of the article you will have learn how to install a mod and enable Advanced Power Menu on Xperia Z3. By enabling Advanced Power Menu you can reboot into Bootloader and Recovery directly from Power Menu. This mod enables this two options in Power Mode. So after flashing the mod, when you open Power Menu besides the other options like Reboot you will see this two options also.

Flashing a mod is the easiest way to do specific customisation. If you want more you can search for a Custom ROM since they are made to be full of features and options that stock ROMs doesn’t have. To install a Custom ROM you need more time and work, so if you want to do small changes that sometimes can be bigger start to find a mod and install it. There are numerous developers around the world that like to mess up with Android and create mods, ROMs and then share them with others. A mod is a zip file that need to be flashed in Recovery. It change specific file system for specific reasons.

advanced power menu sony xperia z3

In our case to enable Advanced Power Menu and the ability to boot into Recovery and Bootloader, we have to flash a mod created by a XDA member. Once it finish you will have a rich Power Menu. Xperia Z3 has actually a Power Menu filed with Settings but it doesn’t have a option to boot into Recovery and Bootloader, so we have to flash the mod in order to add those extra options.

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How to enable Advanced Power Menu on Xperia Z3

First of all make sure your ROM is deodexed because it will not work. If your ROM is odexed don’t try it otherwise you may experience problems.

  • Download mod file here.
  • Move it on your phone where you can easily find it.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • Flash the file.
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy !

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