How To Recover Deleted Files (Photos, Music, Docs) After Installing a ROM – No Root

Flashing a new ROM will not always result in losing your personal files like photos, videos, music, documents or whatever you have on your phone. But it can happen that your files can be accidentally deleted. So we have found something very useful for you to recover your deleted files after a ROM installation. It will restore everything like photos, videos, music, and documents.

This is a simple and efficient guide which will recover any deleted files after installing a new ROM. We will not guarantee that it will work in every phone. It has worked for many users but who knows things can happen. So do it with your own risk but always make sure to do a backup before performing the steps below.

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Note: We are not responsible for anything happen to your phone. Do it carefully and with your own risk because you may damage your phone and lose your data.

recuva will recover deleted files on android after a rom installation

Recover Deleted Files After a ROM Install


  • Your phone.
  • A computer.
  • USB cable.
  • Recovery Software. Download here.
  • Root not needed.

After the accidental delete, do not use the phone because data saved to memory can overwrite the space allocated to the deleted data. So be careful do not install anything or copy new files because it will be a little difficult or immposible to recover the deleted files.

How to 

  • Download and install Recuva software from the link below but don’t open yet.
  • Turn on the phone.
  • Enable USB Debugging under Developer Options.
  • Connect the phone to PC through the USB cable.
  • Let the drivers to be installed.
  • Enable Mass Storage when connecting the phone to computer. It allows to see the phone files on your computer.
  • Once your phone is connected to computer, open Recuva app.
  • On the main screen click next.
  • Select all files or specific files, depending what do you want to recover.
  • Click Next.
  • Click on “In a Specific Location” then click browse.
  • Select where you want to save the files, internal memory or SD Card and click Next.
  • Check “Enable Deep Scan” if in the first time you did the guide, files were corrupted.
  • Click Start.

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Wait for the program to do its own job. After it’s done check the files you want to recover and click on “Recover”. Then the app will ask you where you want to dump the recovered files. Select the folder and click ok. Wait for the files to be saved and then go to the folder and check the recovered files.

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