Get Working Viper4Android On Galaxy S6 Marshmallow 6.0

OEMs are working more and more to bring us good devices with cool design, good specs and so on but none of them is working to create a device with a high quality sound system. Well, there are few exceptions like HTC One M9 and few other devices which has a front-facing speaker that made the audio quality better.

But since the OEM don’t care so much about sound quality, developer do. They create audio mods to improve the overall audio quality and Viper4Android is the most popular Mod. It will enhance the listening experience by improving the speaker sound and headphone sound in the same time.

This mod it’s available for numerous Android devices and the users who are using it seem to be satisfied. Finally Viper4Android made its way to Galaxy S6 but unfortunately in Android Marshmallow it doesn’t work. Since it is an amazing mod that everyone should install on their device, a developer at the XDA community found a way to make Viper4Android work on Galaxy S6 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Viper4Android Galaxy S6 Marshmallow


To get Viper4Android working on Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Marshmallow you need to meet the requirements below:

  • Get root access.
  • Install a Custom Recovery like TWRP or Philz Touch.
  • Backup your current ROM and your important files in case if anything goes wrong.


Here at DoryLabs we shall not held any kind of responsibility for troubles your may experience with your device. We make sure to help you further for any information you may need but if you end up in a problem it’s only your responsibility. Remember you decided to do changes on your phone by yourself so don’t put the finger to anyone else if things go wrong.

Install Viper4Android on Galaxy S6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  • Download V4A from Google Play Store.
  • Download BusyBox (Stericson) and install it to System/xbin or Su/bin(might work here as well).
  • Download and install Viper4Android drivers.
  • Go to System/Priv-App and rename or copy somewhere else Sound_31_M folder.
  • Download and flash this file.
  • Go to V4A and change the mode to compatibility.

That’s all! Viper4Android will be working fine. If you don’t see any changes then go to system/etc and replace the audio_effects.conf with the one that the developer has posted here.

Set the right permissions and reboot your phone.

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