How To Fix Nexus 5 Microphone Issues (Low Volume)

Microphone issues are being reported everyday by Nexus 5 users. The most common problem is Low Volume issue. It’s strange how could a device like Nexus 5 experience such problems. Nexus 5 is the best device ever created by Google. When it comes to custom support, it also can be considered the first on the list.

Thanks to its specs and the popularity that is grown day by day, Nexus 5 is becoming the most popular device. But like many other devices even Nexus 5 has its own problems. Microphone Low Volume is the last one issue reported by its owners.

The problem is really strange, when you are talking to someone else, the other person complain the he can’t hear you well. The sound is also to quiet even though it might be much noise on the place you are. The sound sometimes is so muffled and the other person can’t understand nothing.

google-nexus-5 microphone low volume

When you switch to loud-speaker it looks like the problem is fixed. Even though when you switch from loud-speaker to normal the problem is fixed again.

Make sure to clean the microphone with compressed air, because it might can get something that blocks it like dust or dirt. Since the microphone hole is to small and few dirtiest can easily block it so it would be better to clean it often.

Some other people have reported that only by covering the second noise-canceling in the top of the Nexus 5 can fix the issue. This could be another permanent solution for microphone problems, especially for low volume on Nexus 5.

Also make sure to always check for the latest updates because it might be a bug and the next update will fix it. To check for updates go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. If there is any available update you will be prompted to download the update.

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