How To Move Application Data To SDcard Using Titanium Backup

Here it comes a simple guide to move application data from internal memory to SDcard using Titanium Backup. It is a great to which not only can create and restore backups but also can move app data to SDcard.

Titanium backup requires only one thing. It needs a rooted device to perform its actions. You don’t have to use lot of tools to perform such actions. Titanium backup will move the app data to SD card without any problem.

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First of all if you hadn’t rooted your device yet, make some searches and find an easy guide to root your device. There are different rooting ways, few of them consists in one click root tool.

After rooting the device, create 2 Ext Partition. If you already have done, move to no. 3. Then switch of your device and remove the SD card.

titanium backup move app data to sd card

Using a card reader, plug-in on your PC, but don’t access the card.

Download Mini Tool Partition Wizard

Create to ext 2 or 3 or 4 partition. Make sure the partition are primary and not logical and the partition size b/w 1GB to 2GB.

After partitioning insert your card in the device and reboot the device.

Download Titanium Backup

Open Titanium Backup and open the Backup and Restore Tab.

Select a single app and long press.

Select “move app data to sd”. A pop up will open asking to create a data 2 sd directory.

Select Yes.

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Batch select all apps and move app data to sd.

That’s all. The app data has moved to SD card.

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