The Most Interesting Facts About the Gaming Industry

The games industry is one of the most important in the world. People around the world value the industry and play games every day of their lives. Whether you simply love games or want to work in the industry, here are some facts that might interest you.

More Money is Made from Gaming Than from Movies

In terms of money made, the gaming industry is outperforming the movie industry. This is a pretty big deal when you think about it. Hollywood has had the monopoly on entertainment for some time. But now the gaming industry, thanks to its big releases, manages to make more. Of course, seeing a movie costs a lot less than buying the latest game. So, although the gaming industry makes more money, it doesn’t reach as many people as the movies do yet.


Simple Tasks Are Repeated Over and Over Again

Working in the gaming industry is one of those things that many people want to do. But it’s not all about having fun. Many of the jobs that need to be done are very dull and repetitive. It’s all about repeating tasks, making tweaks and perfecting code. So, if you do want to work in this industry, you should be aware of what you will be in for because it might not be what you imagine.

Skills and Talent Matter More Than Qualifications

One of the great things about working in the gaming industry is that it’s a meritocracy. Whether you have a degree in software development or not, you can get involved. What matters most is that you have the skills and talent to create games that people want to play. Many people start out by learning this skill at home. They play around with coding ideas and build their own small indie games. And this can allow them to eventually get their foot in the door at a big company.

There Are Multiple Ways in Which Games Are Tested

Games testing is one of the most important stages in the progression of a game. The developing and coding are key, but they’re worth nothing if the game isn’t tested properly. This is the stage at which the software is tested for flaws and bugs. You can find another great list of testing tools by following the link. These are used to test all sorts of software. Sometimes, a beta version of the game can be created and handed to gamers. They can then report any problems they experience to the developers.


Being a game tester is also a great opportunity to work in this industry. If you have a passion for games you might want to enter this industry, You will get all the latest games for free and if you haven’t started yet and plan to do it all you need is time and one of the best gaming and business laptops in budget. If you have enough budget you can consider purchasing a professional gaming computer.

An Interesting Story or Premise is What’s Considered Most Important

In a survey of gamers last year, it was found that the thing they cared about most when buying a game was the story or premise. 22% of people said this is what mattered most. This is perhaps part of the reason why many big games now offer a convincing story. It’s not just about action and shooting people. Storytelling has come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. And that’s something that looks set to continue into the future too.

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