Why Galaxy S6 Is a Total Dissapointment & The Missing Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 is finally here, ready to straddle the markets around the world but does it really worth buying. We have to admit that Samsung brings a premium device with glass and metal body. But sometimes we don’t need only a beautiful device, the specs are also an important part. Having a phone with good specs and improvements comparing to the previous versions is expected when you buy a new phone.

With Galaxy S6 was also announced the Galaxy S6 Edge. They are very similar expect the fact that Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved display in both sides making it looks good. But we are not going to talk about the body of the phone, because Samsung has done a great job with it. For those who want a phone with a beautiful design Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge are the best.

Even though Galaxy S6 is considered as the premium device Samsung has ever released, still some of the strongest point of previous Samsung devices are missing. Sometime these are the main selling point of Galaxy devices. Please Note that this article is written only to give you information about Galaxy S6. I am a fan of Samsung and really like its version of Android. I wrote this article to give information to all those who want to buy a new phone but are not sure yet what to buy.

Smaller and Non-Removable Battery

Comparing with the previous version the Galaxy S5, the new flagship of Samsung has a smaller battery. The Galaxy S6 has a 2550 man battery which means 250 mAh smaller than the battery of Galaxy S6. We were expecting a bigger battery, so this is the first disappointment thing. The battery is also non removable since the back cover is made of glass. You can’t remove the battery anymore like you do in Galaxy S6 or even in Note 4.

No micro SDcard & Bottom Jack-Port

Why do you have to pay more for some extra storage when you have a 128 GB SDcard big enough to save your files. This is another missing feature of Galaxy S6 since the previous version already support a micro SDcard. One of the strongest point of Android devices is the support of a micro SDcard but this time Samsung break the line of Galaxy devices and decided not to give you the opportunity to use a micro SDcard. The Galaxy S6 has the headphones jack in the bottom making it similar to iPhone 6. The glass and non removable back cover, no SDcard and now the headphone jack in the bottom make the Galaxy S6 very similar to iPhone 6, something that Android user don’t like.

No Water-Resistance Body

The Galaxy S5 has much more optimization than the Galaxy 6. It has completely a water resistant body and dust proof also. We are very disappointed when the Galaxy S6  was announced and it was not waterproof. So be careful, there is water around.

The Processor

Having a Exynos instead of Qualcomm’s means to quality Custom ROMs.

After reading the whole article you are pleased to give your opinion in the comment section below. We really like its design but when it comes to spec and these missing feature it make you think twice if you want to buy it or not. What do think. Feel free to share with us.

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