Download 2048 Puzzle Game With Night Mode And Full Screen

A new version of the most famous puzzle game 2048 is out. 2048 is a considered as the best puzzle game since it doesn’t require any special permission or internet access.

This is totally new version, where the user interface has changed in night mode. It looks perfect and personally I feel more comfortable playing this kind of version than the light mode.

The developer who customized and released the night mode and full screen version of 2048 games says that is the rooted version of Android. So how to understand this? You may know that rooting your smartphone will not make it faster but it gives you full control over your phone and you can do anything if you root.

A rooting device mean a faster and and with many other optimisations, since the device is more customizable than the manufacture want it to be, you can make it faster and powerful than ever. So even this game is customized to give you a new experience and let’s you to enjoy the way of playing games.

So if you are addicted to puzzle games you would better give this a try. 2048 night mode and full screen game has also the following features except the new user interface.

  • Night mode and Full Screen. To activate full screen mode, touch the screen for three seconds or more.
  • Elegant design and Smooth Graphics.
  • No special permission required.
  • No internet required to play.
  • No information is stored, only high score.

Download the game from Play Store and give us your opinion in the comments section below.

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