Turn Android Bootanimation In a Logging Center Using LiveBoot By Chainfire

Boot animation is nothing more than a nice look of your phone. Having a nice boot animation just make you phone even more aesthetic but it doesn’t provide any useful information. Bootanimation can be changed but it requires a lot of work. But have you ever thought to change Bootanimation in a useful part in an Android device. I’m sure you haven’t thought something like that.

But developers yes, they don’t want only an aesthetic phone. They want a device with fully of features and easy ways to do complex things on their device. Most of all having a device will full control is something that everyone who knows a little more about Android and how it works, should love. Thanks to the Recognised Developer and Senior Moderator at the same time ChainFire now you can turn Bootanimation into a logging center.

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Probably you have heard about ChainFire and its greatest tools like CF-Auto Root and SuperSU. This time he created another awesome tool that change the boot animations with logs. You can decide by yourself what logs you want to appear. This a good idea if you like to experience a lot with your Android device, and the risk to get any bootloop is higher.


When your phone is boot looping the most reliable option to get information is ADB. There are many tools that can get logs strait from your device, but we hadn’t heard any app to access logs in Bootanimation. Only now thanks to ChainFire and his latest tool calledLiveBoot boot animation logs LiveBoot your boot animation can be transformed in a logging centre.

LiveBoot can be very handy if your device fails to boot. The app works perfectly on every device running Android 4.3 and higher. The developer say that might be some problems with some specific device firmware, but the shouldn’t be too common. The app requires not only root access but also the SuperSU 2.40 or newer. So make sure to update it before using this app.

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LiveBoot is a boot animation that shows you logcat and dmesg outputs on screen as they happen. The app has also a pro version where you can find all the developer works and release an option to make the output transparent. The free version can be found on Play Store. If you want to learn more about LiveBoot tool visit the official thread.

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