How To Fix Slow Text Message Issue On Samsung Galaxy S5

Another issue of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is being discussed in forums and people are searching a lot how to fix. It is weird but a device like the Galaxy S5 is suffering from slow text messages. That being said there are two different issues. Firstly, when you receive a text message it will take more than 30 seconds to show up. Also, when you type a message it will take a while to appear on the phone after you have taped on the phone screen.

It’s kinda strange to find a problem like this on the Galaxy S5. Anyhow, it seems more like a software bug and these things can be easily fixed. So to fix slow text message on Galaxy S5 we have found some workaround solutions that have helped quite a lot of people and hope will help you too.

Since it’s more software related there is nothing serious to worry about. If you can’t find a solution to fix Galaxy S5 slow texting by yourself probably Samsung will release a new update that will fix it. For now, you have not much to do but try the below tips to solve the slow text message Galaxy S5.


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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow Texting Message Problem:

Clear phone cache

  • On your Galaxy S5 go to Settings > Application Manager
  • Find keyboard app and clear the cache.
  • Find Message app and clear the cache.

You can try also to clear the cache of all the apps. The easiest way to do this is to boot the phone into recovery mode. Turn off the phone and press Volume Up + Home + Power button at the same time. From there you can clear the cache.

Install third-party launcher and keyboard

Open Google Play Store and install a launcher. You can also install a new keyboard and see if the issue persists.

Go to Settings > Transition Effect > None. Then open Settings > Lock Screen > Unlock Effect > None.

Turn off Background Syncing Settings > Accounts or going into individual apps.

Use a different message app

Try to use another messaging app rather than the stock app. A good one would be Go SMS Pro. Simply download it and try to send a message.

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Factory Reset

Usually, the system or specific apps get corrupted or crash from time to time so it is necessary once in a while to factory reset the phone. It means you will delete everything on your phone and make it like new. Normally, a factory reset will fix the Galaxy S5 slow texting problem. But before doing it save your important files somewhere else if you don’t want to lose them.

If you have found anything else that may fix this issue feel free to share with us in the comment section below. It will help a lot of people like you to fix slow text message Galaxy S5.




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  1. On your Galaxy S5 go to Settings > Application Manager
    Find keyboard app and clear the cache.
    Find Message app and clear the cache.

    There is no clear cache option in either app.

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