Download Cyanogenmod File Manager (Halo Cm) And Torch App To Any Android Device.

In today’s article you are going to learn how to download and install Halo CM file manager and torch app on any Android device. CyanogenMod is a Custom ROM for Android devices. It is based on stock Android and developed as an open source operating system.

CyanigenMod offer a better version of Android than the stock one of Google. It brings lot of features and the developers have optimised it for better performance and to run smooth. Furthermore it gives you more control over your device. If you have ever thought to change your stock firmware with a Custom ROM, your first shoot must be CyanogenMod.

Developers update this ROM once a new version of Android is released, so with CM your device will be always up to date. Since it’s a Custom ROM designed to make your device better and faster CyanogenMod offer plethora of features over the stock Android.

It has an optimised camera to make better photos. Also doesn’t contain any bloatware that can make your phone slower. The user interface is beautiful and very simple. The CyanogenMod team has excellent experts, thereby the support is great. Usually when users report a new bug, the team work so hard and it just a few hours they will release a patch to fix it. This makes CyanogenMod not only a fastest ROM but also the safest.


Personally I’m a fan of CyanogenMod not only because it runs fast but also because of the fact it has inbuilt apps. In stock software usually you have to download various apps to control CPU performance, create new profiles, copy and modify system files and so on.

The most used app of a device, is definitely file manager. In the stock firmware the file manager has only few options. While the CyanogenMod file manager, Halo CM comes with more feature.

The best thing of all this is that you can download CyanogenMod file manager, Halo CM along with the Torch app and install them on any Android device. They are tested in stock ROMs and works fine. So go ahead and download from the link below:


  • CyanogenMod file manager (Halo CM) & Torch app. Download here.

Download the files and install as normal apk. If you can’t install the files you may need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’. This option allows you to install apk files. If it’s not enabled you can’t installed files from other source only from Play Store.

To enable it go to Settings > Security and check the box next to ‘Unknown Sources’. Now try to install the apk files again.

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