How To Use Android Smartphone As A WiFi Repeater

Have you ever thought to use your Android device as a WiFi repeater? It means sharing WiFi from a device that is currently connected to WiFi. We all know how to share WiFi when the phone is using mobile data but in this post, we will learn how to share WiFi from a smartphone connected to WiFi.

It happens that a device may not connect to WiFi probably because of the low signal while another device may connect and work pretty good. This can be very annoying because your girlfriend’s phone connects to the WiFi while yours can’t.

If you don’t know already: In Android, there is a solution for everything.

I come across this solution when a friend of mine couldn’t connect to my WiFi. The router was a bit far but for me, it was working fine.

It was strange but such things can happen.

He really needed the internet. He could go to the next room and it will work pretty fine. This was the case that made me search for a way how to share WiFi from a device connected to WiFi. I started looking for a way to transform an Android device as a WiFi repeater.

After searching for a while I remembered that I had seen a feature on Android devices. This built-in feature is Bluetooth tethering. So basically you can share the Internet over Bluetooth. I tried that and it worked.

Finally, everyone was happy.

wifi repeater

Unfortunately, Bluetooth tethering is a feature only on Android 4.0 and higher. Not anyone today can have an Android device running Android 4.0 and higher so it would be better to find something that could work on all devices.

This is needed also when you want to connect your laptop because most of the laptops do not have Bluetooth.

What to do in this case?

Head over to Play Store and search for an app called fqrouter2. You can download here. Also here is a link to download directly the apk file.

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