Download Galaxy S7 Edge Apps (S-Health, People Edge, S-Voice, Fonts etc )

This is another article where we are going to share some ported apps. A developer at the XDA Developers named as henrylife has ported the Galaxy S7 Edge applications. In the official thread at the XDA community you are going to find only the download links for the latest Galaxy S7 apps. But to make things easier for you we got this links and created a guide how to properly install them.

It’s a common thing now to download the and install the apps of new devices, in our case we are talking about a Galaxy S7. It’s a new device on the market so if you don’t wanna buy it you can get a feeling of it by installing its apps on your device. To get started you should install download Galaxy S7 Home Launcher. Then download the other apps.

In this post you will find only few apps such as S-Voice, S-Health, People Edge, Fonts and Theme Center. But the developer has ported also other apps such as Galaxy S7 Edge Camera and Galaxy S7 Edge Weather Widget. We have written a single article for each one of them so if you wanna transform your old device into a  brand new Galaxy S7 download them as well.

Downloading and installing all these ported apps you will make your device look completely like Galaxy S7. So why wait! Give it a try.

Galaxy S7 Edge apps

Note: The Galaxy S7 apps you are going to find below will work only on Touchwiz Marshmallow ROMs. However these apps are not tested all so if you wanna install them do it at your own risk. We shall held not any kind of responsibility for any damage you may experience. According to the developer, they should work fine. However do everything on your own risk, and don’t blame anyone if things goes wrong. We recommend you to do a Nadroid backup before making changes. It will create a full copy of your current ROM and you can easily restore it back.


How to install Galaxy S7 Edge on other devices

First of all you should have root access and a custom recovery installed. If you haven’t rooted your phone yet take a look at the root section to find a way to root your phone. Seriously if you haven’t rooted your phone you are missing the best part. Shame on you! 😀

Once you get rooted the next step is to install a Custom Recovery. We recommend to check for the latest version of TWRP because it comes with a nice user interface and it’s easier to use. In the Recovery Section we have written several guides how to install a custom recovery on several devices. Go and look there if you find something for your phone.

So if you have rooted your phone and installed a custom recovery then follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Boot into recovery using the proper key combination.
  • Do a Nandroid backup.
  • Go back to Recovery main meu.
  • Navigate to the install section.
  • Flash the zip files you downloaded.
  • Clear Dalvik Cache.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below. We will be happy to assist you further to solve any issue with your device. For more information about Galaxy S7 apps visit the official thread.

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