Improve Galaxy S4 Camera – Galaxy S5 Modes & Features

When it comes to camera quality, Galaxy S4 is one of the few devices that can take high quality pictures, and record a full HD video. The 13 MP Camera of the Galaxy S4 is always there for you to capture sharp and high quality photos or even record a full HD video without any lag or any other issue.

Galaxy S4 is released about a year ago. Since there are lot of devices are announced including the next flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S5. Despite the fact that Galaxy S4 users haven’t experience any problem with the camera, and it works perfect, there is always a way to make it even better. With that Camera you can capture photos like a professional photographer. It also has many features to optimize the pictures and make them look cool.

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When the Galaxy S5 comes, it brings many other features to its users, including a new Camera with 16 MP and with many other features which will make this phone your professional Camera. Galaxy S5 is full of features and optimizations so you will not need any other device to fulfill your needs.

Samsung-Galaxy-S4 camera with s5 features

The new improved Camera that Galaxy S5 has, showed that Camera on the Galaxy S4 can be improved even more. The quality of the camera doesn’t always depend on the hardware you are using. It has its own role on taking good pictures but is not always the Camera sensor that will make good pictures.

The software has its own part. An improved software can make your device to capture picture even more better. So the developer took a piece from the Galaxy S5 Firmware and bring it to Galaxy S4. They managed to create a mod, in fact is the Galaxy S5 camera mod that can be installed on Galaxy S4. So if you can’t change the sensor, at least you can install an improved software, so your device can capture awesome photos and record videos even more better.

This mod is for those users who are addicted to photos and are not satisfied from what their device offer to the. So if you have a Galaxy S4 and you want all the Galaxy S5 Camera features on it, go ahead and find the mod which will improve the quality of your Camera.

How to install stock improved camera with S5 modes on Galaxy S4


  • A Galaxy S4 of cource
  • It must be rooted
  • A Custom Recovery installed on it.

This mod works for all Galaxy S4 variants including Snapdragon GT-I9505 & Exynos GT-I9500


  • Download camera mod here

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How to install

  • Turn of your phone
  • Turn on again but this time in recovery
  • Using the recovery wipe cache
  • Flash the mod
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy

Once your phone is turned on it will have all the Galaxy S5 camera features installed.

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