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Another Galaxy S7 application is ported. Developers are doing a good job porting the apps of newest devices. This means that all we can enjoy the latest stuff without needed to upgrade the device. In this article you gonna find Galaxy S7 Weather Widget. After a successful port of Galaxy S7 Keyboard, S7 Camera and Gallery app and also the other S7 apps such as S-Health, People app and so on a developer at the XDA Community ported Galaxy S7 weather widget.

If you wanna transform you phone into the Galaxy S7 than you should not download only the apps but also you should download also Galaxy S7 Home Launcher. After downloading all this stuff your phone will look completely like a brand new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Below you gonna find a link to download Galaxy S7 Weather Widget and also a step by step guide how to install it. If you have installed before zip files such as mods than it must be easy for you. If not than you should follow all the steps carefully. So without further ado let’s jump into the installation guide.

Galaxy S7 weather widget

How to install Galaxy S7 Edge Weather Widget
  • Make sure you have already rooted you phone. Seriously, if you haven’t rooted yet your phone you are missing a lot. In the Android root section you gonna find plethora of root guides for various devices so it would be better take a look at it.
  • After you root your Android the next step is to install a Custom Recovery. The best one that we recommend is TWRP recovery. You should find and install the latest build of it. If you haven’t done yet check at the Android Custom Recovery section.
  • Once you successfully rooted your device and installed a Custom Recovery, it’s time to go ahead with the installation of the Galaxy S7 ¬†weather widget.
  1. Turn off your phone and reboot into recovery using the proper key combination.
  2. Once you are in Recovery do a Nandroid backup just in case. You know better safe than sorry so do it. After all if anything goes wrong still you can restore the backup.
  3. Now once the backup is done it’s time to flash Galaxy S7 weather widget so go to the install section and select the zip file you downloaded from the link above. Swipe to confirm and wait for it to be flashed.
  4. Clear Dalvik Cache and reboot your phone.

You are done! Enjoy the Galaxy S7 Weather Widget on your Android device.

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