How To Fix Nexus 5 Camera Issue – Not Focusing & Lag

Google Nexus 5 is experiencing a strange problem, the camera app doesn’t work as normally. Sometimes it lags and not focus. The app start slowly, taking photos is slowly and sometimes it even doesn’t focus. This problem is reported worldwide so we can’t say that is located in a particular place.

Nexus 5 is a good device with higher specs and features that really makes it one of the best phone around the market. But like other devices even Nexus 5 is experiencing some problems. Problems always will be around these devices, the important thing is to find the solutions. So even for Nexus 5 camera problem we have found some potential solution that hope can be useful for you.

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Sometimes it’s to hard to fix camera lag and don’t focus issue. They are more like manufacture problem. The 8 MP camera doesn’t mean it’s bad but it’s not as good as others, because we are seeing devices with 12 MP and more, which can take awesome pictures. You also can take good pictures with Nexus 5 Camera but it always will be a little tricky. Sometimes these problem are caused by bugs, and will be fixed through updates, so be sure your Nexus 5 is running the latest update.


Wipe App Data. Sometimes the camera app get corrupted. So it will not work normally. you can try it many times but it still will have issues. To fix this try Wiping data and cache of the camera app. To do so go to Settings > Application Manager > All Apps > Find the Camera app and wipe data and cache. Try your camera again. Sometimes it will work sometimes not.

Third-Party App. Sometimes third-party app are better than the stock app. You can find numerous apps on the Play Store. Try one and it will work perfect.

If the first solution doesn’t work then another app you have installed is conflicting with Camera App. You have to find it and uninstall. You can do it by uninstalling apps one by one or simply perform a Factory Reset. To do a Factory Reset you have to choices. You can do it using Recovery:

  • Turn off you phone
  • Boot into Recovery
  • Navigate to Wipe Data & Factory Reset
  • Wait for it to finish.
  • Reboot

If you don’t want to do it through Recovery go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Reset. We strongly recommend to do it using recovery.

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If these solution don’t work, you have to take it back to your seller and ask for a replacement.

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