How To Get Rid Of Keyboard Lag On Galaxy Note 4 & Note 5

Have you noticed that there is a keyboard lag issue on your Samsung Galaxy device? It is not something to get worried about. In today’s article we are going to learn how to get rid and fix the keyboard lag issue on Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note devices have proven to be the best devices that Samsung have ever created. Even the old ones like Galaxy Note 3 or even Note 2 still remain good phones and are very popular nowadays. But the problem is not with the hardware because if you have a phone with 3 GB of RAM and an quad-core processor you have a beast on your hand. You may upgrade to latest devices with 4 GB of RAM and octa-core processor you won’t notice any change in the performance.

Of course it is more powerful but the problems are related more to the software. Samsung has made some changes on his TouchWiz Android version and one of them is Samsung’s SPCM service. You may have noticed that if you let some apps in the background and after a while you will see that the app are closed automatically . This happens thanks to this new feature that Samsung has included in the new versions of TouchWiz.Keyboard Lag Galaxy Note

Samsung’s SPCM service affect also the keyboard speed. So in the guide below we will learn how to deactivate this feature. But remember if you will deactivate it the apps that are running in background won’t close automatically anymore. So if you found this feature useful, better do not deactivate it. But in my opinion these devices are so powerful so it’s not needed a service to close the apps running in background.

It might happen that you don’t wont to close all the apps running in background. So the best way is to deactivate this feature. Remember, we only provide the guides but we don’t take any kind of responsibility if anything goes wrong. So make sure to follow all the steps carefully and if you have any other question feel free to ask in the comment section below.

How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy Note 5 Keyboard Lag

Getting things prepared

  • You will need to root your phone. Galaxy Note 4 Root guide.
  • Download a File Explorer with root access. A good one is ES File Explorer and you can download it for free on Play Store.


  • Open ES File Explorer and go to the root system of your phone.
  • Look for a file named build.prop and long press to open it with a text editor.
  • Find the following line in the code: sys.config.spcm_enable=true
  • Replace the value to false and the code should look like this: sys.config.spcm_enable=false
  • Save the file and that’s all.

By replacing this value you will deactivate Samsung’s SPCM service. It will fix the keyboard lag issue on Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 and also the apps running in background won’t close automatically anymore.

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