Install Multiple ROMs On Sony Xperia Z2 & Z3 With MultiROM

MultiROM app is now ported to Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3. Now even your latest Xperia device can enjoy the MultiBoot feature. Thanks to a XDA Developer named Myself5 who managed to port MultiROM to Xperia Z2 and Z3, you can install more than one ROM on your device. You can install either Android ROMs or other Operating Systems once they are ported to that device. MultiROM is the best app for booting multiple ROMs or Operating Systems because it allows you to install not only from device’s internal memory but also it can boot from USB drive connected to the device via a OTG cable.

The Main part of MultiROM is a boot manager, which starts every time your device turns on and let you to choose the ROM you want to boot. ROMs can be installed and managed via a Custom Recovery like TWRP. You can either install ZIP files as a secondary ROM or use also MultiROM own installer system, which can be used to install other Linux-based systems. The beauty of MultiROM is that ou can install many ROMs as secondary while keeping a primary ROM which files won’t be affected if you install another ROM.

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Switching between ROM is a good thing because you can test a huge number of ROMs while keeping a primary and stable ROM which can be used every time and it won’t be changed if you do customizations to the secondary ROM. MultiROM has been  out for a long time but only now it is ported to Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3. In fact the app has a few weeks that is ported but only now it is fully optimized and can do its work without any issue.

MultiROM for Xperia Z2 and Z3

MultiROM Features

  • MultiBoot any number of Android ROMs.
  • Boot from USB drive attached via a OTG cable.
  • Restore nandroid backup as secondary ROM.


DoryLabs is not responsible for anything happens to your device. We didn’t port the app of created the guide. Remember always to make a backup because anything can goes wrong and you have to install a factory image in order to bring your device back to functionality. So do all with your own risk.

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Note: After flashing and set up MultiROM, don’t flash another boot.img using fastboot or normally. Go to Advanced > MultiROM when you want to flash kernels, ROMs or other operating systems. The developer says that the app might experience problems with stock ROMs. Also your device must not be encrypted.

To learn how to install ROMs, Update and change them visit the official thread below. There you will find the downloading link and all the guides needed to use MultiROM.

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