Download Tiny Apps The Best Floating Multitasking App For Android

Android devices are being bigger by the time so it was needed to find a multitasking solution. Some manufacture like Samsung and LG have included such features in their customizable builds of Android for the latest devices.

On the other hand there are other manufacture that use stock Android that doesn’t have a multitasking feature enabled by default. So you may need to find a workaround solution. The best way is to use third party apps. For your example Nexus 6 is one of the latest device that uses stock Android. It has a bigger screen so normally is needed to have a multitasking feature.

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But even though you have a device that doesn’t support a multitasking feature, you can install a third-party app which can be better than the default feature. There are plethora of apps around the internet so you can install that app that fits perfect to your needs. A great multitasking app is Hovernote. But we will not talk about it. An Android developer called Carsten Dröser has created a new multitasking app and named Tiny Apps.

tiny-apps-floating multitasking app

Carsten created this app with the hope that it will solve once and for all the multitasking problem in bigger Android devices because it includes 12 multitasking utilities. So what does this mean? Thanks to this app now you don’t need a separate floating app for each task that you want to perform, since you can run as many utilities as you want.

Tiny apps can be downloaded from Play Store, just search it by name.  After installing and launching the app you will see an overview menu of 12 multitasking utilities. You can see video player, note-taking app, even a “paint” app. Tap one and will be open immediately. Once it’s open you can resize any utility easily. Just drag from the bottom-right corner.

If you want to remove any Tiny app simply drag the header to the other side of the screen. The utility will minimize into a floating bubble which can be easily removed by dragging back to the centre of screen.

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This app is awesome because it allows you to open multiple Tiny apps at the same time. They will stay opened whatever you are doing. We tried the app and we found it very useful. Give it a try and probably you will love it.

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