Best 5 tips to Reduce the Hanging Problem of Your Android Phone

Does your phone hang while you use it and freeze your wits or make you agitated? Hanging phones are a result of frustrated people. We are sure you also wish your phone to have a software that operates smoothly and flow effortlessly.

There are many reasons for an Android handset to hang and cease working in between like the following:

  • Running or opening multiple applications or pages simultaneously
  • Full (RAM) internal memory
  • Full external memory space
  • Piled up caches, cookies, and logs
  • Heavy files and data in the memory

Apart from the ones stated above, there are many different reasons that make your smartphone hang but you can avoid or lessen the ‘hanging’ of your phone. By following the steps given below religiously, one can definitely save their handset from freezing and hanging.


    Many-a-time the memory of our phones is filled with data and files (songs, images, videos, and applications) that we do not use actively or at all. These files and data occupy unnecessary space in our phones and hover and pile over on the RAM and effects its efficient and smooth function. By deleting all such data, files, and applications, we can not only reduce the operational stress from the RAM but can also increase the memory of our phone.


    Whenever we use the internet or visit any website, our phone automatically records the surfing data and caches from it. This data is unused and unnecessary for a layman but definitely adds up to occupy a lot of internal memory space on the phone. Clearing the cache and cookies from the phone can be of great help when aiming to save your android smartphone from hanging or freezing. The easiest way to clear the cache of all apps is to boot the phone into recovery mode using the proper key combination and then navigate to ‘clear cache’ and confirm it to clear the cache of all apps.


    When the internal memory (RAM) is occupied with heavy applications and data or files, the built-in task and phone manager of an Android smartphone slows down. To counter the slowing and hanging of the phone, one must transfer all the heavy data applications and file especially the professional ones like Google drive, MS Office, Adobe apps etc to the external memory to create space in the RAM for easy and effortless operations.


    We have come to learn so far that filling up your phone results in its freezing and hanging, which makes it slow and irritating to use. But one tip that can help us save all the files and date while not having them in the direct storage is to save the database and files (that are used occasionally) in the mail drive or cloud storage of emails. Storing data in the cloud storage is also beneficial since one does not lose the data even if the Android smartphone ceases to function in the worst-case scenario.


    Another reason that leads to an Android smartphone hang a lot is virus. A smartphone can be trapped and hacked by a virus which can rob the software of your phone. A virus can enter your phone through any application, media file etc. One way to save a virus slow down your phone is to install an anti-virus software that will scan and save your phone from having any virus.

Other than these tips, one should also take care of some tips and tricks that can help people keep their smartphones fast like clearing and killing the applications running in the background as and when possible. There are plethora of guide online that helps you get the best and release the full power of your device. Most of these guides are pdf so you need to download a PDF editor.

This will help the operative space clear and free. If your phone is stuck and unable to operate properly, one can also try resetting it to the factory setting once. Please note that resetting your phone to factory and new settings may make you lose entire data on the phone that has not been backed up before. It is recommendable for everyone to take a backup of their data in order to save what’s important and have a new and fast operating phone at the same time.

If one takes care of such tips and tricks in regular intervals, the android smartphones are less likely to hang in the first place.

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