How to Fix Red Tint on Display Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus?

Samsung made a revolutionary decision by taking out the Samsung logo and home button on the front side of the phone on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Both phones are crafted beautifully and smartly. Bezel-less display with metal and glass unibody made it more lovable.

Samsung S8 and S8 Plus are emerged to be the best phones that have been released in 2017.  After getting into the live market, there were some problems in these phones which were noticed by users.

Note that not all Samsung S8 and S8 Plus mobiles will face these issues. But some users reported it. And it is important to solve these issues. In this article, you are going to see the fixing of red tint that has been on Samsung S8 and S8 Plus’s display.

What is the problem?

Users had observed their screens a bit more red colored than usual. When the display is compared with other mobiles display, Samsung’s screen was redder.

This problem was first identified in Korea. Galaxy S8 and S8 plus users started uploading the pictures on social media comparing Samsung’s display with its earlier phone’s or other’s display.

Samsung answered these questions by saying that the problem isn’t related to software or hardware. It just needs to be adjusted to the settings by the users. If the problem still persists then users should ask for a professional support in a service center.

As Samsung is claiming that this problem is not a system error, many display experts are condemning and had some different set of theories like

  • Defective OLED panels.
  • Software bugs
  • Misadjustment of the display at the factory.
  • Usually, Samsung uses deep red technology for color balancing on the phone and in hurry to produce Samsung may have left some of the units with red tints.

Whatever may be the reason this new problem has been bugging the users of Samsung S8 and S8 Plus a lot.

Here is how to fix red tint on display Galaxy S8 or S8 plus

However, the users were unable to fix the problem which is why Samsung rolled out an update initially in Korea. Later the update was rolled out to UK, Germany, Europe, and Turkey too.

A patch will be added from this update which will add a slider to change the display to either warmer or cooler. A warmer display on their S8 and S8 Plus is something many people were waiting for and finally, that option has been added.

Users will get a 427 MB heavy update on their phones once they go into Settings>>Software updates>>Download updates manually.

The RGB(red, green, blue) sliders will appear in the advanced section and you can find the white balance adjustment settings at the edges in the same section as multiple S8 and S8 Plus users were facing the red tint issue more on the edges of their phones.

The above update given by Samsung is given for Adaptive Display only. There are three other type of display; AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo and Basic mode. If the users shift to these modes, they will face the same problem again. Samsung has made a vow to the users that it will replace the defective phones with new phones.

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