How To Fix Android Marshmallow Battery Drain (WiFi & General)

Android Marshmallow has everything you need. It’s a complete package; looks cool, has a beautiful and simple user and interface and beneath the surface there are plethora of features. That being said Android Marshmallow is the best for now.

All the latest device are getting a Marshmallow update but along with the features unfortunately it brought some bugs as well. We hate bugs, everybody does. A nasty Marshmallow bug is battery drain. With that in mind we gonna tell you some simple tricks how to fix Marshmallow battery drain.

Plenty of Marshmallow users have reported a strange thing with their devices. There are various screenshots posted around in forums that show an issue that let you wonder how it’s possible that such things happen.

It’s a battery drain problem but what makes it more interesting is the fact that WiFi seems to be the biggest battery drain in Marshmallow.

WiFi Battery Drain Marshmallow solved

Using WiFi we expect the battery to last longer and not drain fast but it seems that in some devices running Android Marshmallow it’s completely different. In some cases the reports could be false because the battery is unaffected by the WiFi but there is a considerable number of users that have reported the same thing and the battery is really affected by WiFi.

It’s a pity! How is this possible? If this is your case than you are in the right place and we gonna show you a few tips how to fix Marshmallow battery drain. Since it’s not a hardware problem, with some little tricks you can fix the bug.

Firstly let’s learn how to fix WiFi battery drain on Marshmallow and then see for solutions in general. The first step you should do is to go to Settings > Backup and reset > Network settings. Clear all the connection data there. I mean clear all, bluetooth and cellular data. Then go and configure everything from the beginning.

Another possible solution would be to disable WiFi scanning in Settings > Location > Scanning. This function still can scan in the background even if you have turned the WiFi off. So if it’s still running on background for sure it will use battery.

There are also many other people that have reported to maximize the battery life by going to Settings > Location > Mode > Battery saving. Some other people have fixed the Marshmallow battery drain problem by doing a factory reset of the device.

If none of the above solutions work for you than you should consider flashing the factory image and then do a reset using recovery. Before taking any serious action make sure the report you are getting is actually true.

General fix for battery drain issues

The WiFi battery drain might be somehow real but on any Android device there is actually a legitimate battery drain problem. Usually the battery drain happens after an Android update. The easiest and quickest fix is to update all the installed apps so they can be compatible with the new version of Android. Then wipe data, cache and Dalvik cache and reboot the device normally.

There are two ways to clear app caches; you can choose to clear each app cache individually or clear them all. To clear app caches individually go to Settings > Apps > Select app > Storage > Clear cache. But it’s much more easier to clear all the apps caches in the same time. To do that go to Settings > Storage and USB >Cached data > OK. 

You must clear system cache as well not only apps cache. To do that turn off your phone and boot into recovery using the proper key combination. It depends on the device model but in most of the cases you will need to press Volume Down and Power Button in the same time.

Clear apps cache Android

Navigate using the Volume buttons and select Wipe Cache Partition and then press Power button to confirm. Then reboot your phone and you are done. The battery drain problem should be solved. If you want your battery to last longer you should consider also these tips for improving battery lifetime on Android. So besides finding what is draining your battery faster than ever, you should also try to improve the overall performance of it.

If the battery drain still persists after taking these steps, the last thing you should do is to factory reset it. First save all your personal files somewhere else and make sure they are safe because you are going to delete everything on your phone and make it like new.

You can do the factory reset using the recovery or simply by going to Settings > Backup and reset. From there find the factory reset option and do it. If this doesn’t work then consider reflashing the Marshmallow firmware.

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