How To Backup IMEI & EFS Partition Using Wanam App

Today we will learn the most simple way to backup EFS partition and IMEI number on Samsung Galaxy devices. But before we continue with the procedure to backup IMEI and EFS partitions you need to have good knowledges about what are Android partitions and why it’s important to backup them.

In this article we are going to focus only on EFS partition and IMEI number and how to backup them using Wanam app. Firstly let me explain what is EFS folder. It is a communication bridge between the Android system and the SIM card. It contains all the necessary files to ensure a properly communication between SIM and the system so you can make phone calls, use mobile data and send messages.

The main reason for corrupting the EFS folder is a Custom ROM, Kernel or Mod. When you install it on Recovery the EFS Folder may get corrupted or sometimes even it can lost. Once this happens the IMEI number is deleted and the baseband version shows unknown. So you can’t make phone calls, send messages and use mobile data. In fact the phone will show as no signal and this is a big problem.

Backup and restore EFS partition and IMEI on Samsung Galaxy

So that’s why it’s recommended to do a backup of IMEI and EFS folder. Some ROMS do it automatically but it’s more safe to do it manually and the best app who can do that job is Wanam app. If you are wondering who is Wanam, let me tell you that it a Recognised Developer at Android community. He has released also it’s own ROM for Android.

How To Backup EFS Partition & IMEI Number on Samsung Galaxy Devices Using Wanam App

  • Download and install IMEI & NFS Backup App.
  • Open the app and you will see three options to choose.
  • Tap on Save EFS, IMEI backup button.
  • That’s all! You have successfully backed up EFS & IMEI on you Samsung Galaxy Device.

If the EFS folder get corrupted or lost you can easily restore it from the backup folder. Remember this app is designed to work only on Samsung devices. Do not try it on other phones. If you own a non Samsung device find any other method to backup and restore IMEI number and EFS partition.

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