How To Fix Galaxy S6 Null Imei & Unknown Baseband

Null Imei and Unknown Baseband Version issues usually occurs after messing up with system files. In most of the cases these issues happens after installing a Custom ROM, Mod or Custom Kernel. That’s why I always recommend to do a backup before installing such files that modify the system.

If you don’t be careful during the installation of ROMs, Mods or Kernels you can go to a bootloop, bricked device and in many cases you lose the EFS folder. So always be careful to flash the correct files and follow carefully all the steps provided in the guide.

In this article we will focus on Null Imei and Unknown Baseband Version issues that occurs in many Samsung Galaxy Devices including the next flagship of Samsung the Galaxy S6. These errors are caused by the lost of EFS folder. But why this folder? What does EFS folder contain? Well EFS folder is probably the most important folder in the system. It contains information files about IMEI and Baseband version.

If the EFS folder lost or get corrupted in most of the cases by the installation of any Custom ROM. In this cases IMEI goes Null and when you check baseband version under Settings > About Phone, it shows unknown. If you found yourself in a situation like this then you may have noticed also that you can’t make phone calls, send text messages or use Mobile Data.

Fix Galaxy S6 Null IMEI and Unknown baseband

The EFS folder is like a bridge between the phone and SIM card. It ensure the system to properly communicate with SIM card and when it get corrupted the system can’t connect with the SIM card. So you will not be able use its services which means you can’t make phone calls and send messages. I know that’s annoying especially if you have a high end device like Galaxy S6 and can’t use these services. But despite the fact that it is a serious problem, there is something you can do.

How To Fix null IMEI & Unknown Baseban Version On Samsung Galaxy

As I say mentioned before that Null IMEI and Unknown Baseband in most of the cases occurs after flashing Custom ROM, you can try to install a Stock ROM on you device and the problem will be fixed. Then if you don’t like the Stock ROM, try to find another ROM that can be more stable and safe to install. But for now to fix Null IMEI and Unknown Baseband Version on your smartphone, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or any other Samsung Galaxy device, you will need to install a stock firmware.

Stock ROMs can be easyly flashed via ODIN flash tool. You have to download the official TouchWiz firmware and then install it using ODIN. It is the most safest way to install stock firmware on Galaxy devices.

Restore EFS folder Backup

In most is the cases when you install a ROM it automatically will make a backup of  the IMEI folder. To fix Null IMEI and Unknown Baseband Version you need to back up the EFS folder. If you don’t know how to backup and restore system partitions you can learn by following the guide provided by us.

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