Best Xposed Modules Working On Lollipop ROMs

You may have heard that Xposed Framework is updated and now supports Lollipop. Probably you have installed on your device and now you are looking for the best Xposed Modules to install on Lollipop. Updating Xposed Framework wasn’t an easy task, since Xposed is not just a simple app. Itdo changes to the system so it’s not easy to make Xposed works on the new Android version which come with a different architecture than previous versions. One of the bigger changes of Lollipop was system runtime that changed from Dalvik to ART.

All the apps need to be updated to support the new architecture of Lollipop. Luckily the developer of Xposed “rovo89” finally has updated Xposed to work on Lollipop. He says that it was needed a long time and a hard work to do that but finally he dit it. Now Xposed Framework is available for Lollipop even though it is on early stages, numerous people says that it works perfect but this doesn’t say that it will work to you also.

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Xposed Framework acts as a base system and allows you to download and install modules that can inject new behaviour  into the parts of the system or the apps. Despite the fact that this alpha stage of Xposed doesn’t work in few devices, developers and users have tested modules in devices which support Xposed so we created a list with the best working Xposed Modules to install right now on your device.

Xposed modules for lollipop

  • App Settings – This is a favorite module for many Android users. This Module can change DPI per app which allows you to keep whatever DPI you want on the rest of the System UI as well as immersive mode, RAM pinning, and insistent notifications.
  • Lollipop Notification Ticker. This is made to restore the ticker on the status bar that informed you of the contents of your latest notifications. This module was made before Xposed gained support for Lollipop. According to reports, this module breaks heads-up notifications alongside fixing the ticker. So if you don’t like them would better give this a try.
  • RootCloak. There are some apps that detect root and prevent access or limit your features as a security method. This might sound understable but for some other security is in the first place and want to fortify their application. This module hides root for the apps you choose. We can’t say why this module can be used in a particular way but if you have had problem like this before you may want to take a look.

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  • Native Clip Board. This Module adds clip-board management straight to the text-selection menu and allows you to theme the new menu, black-list apps and further customize. This can be very useful when you want to edit a document while you are traveling in a bus for example.
  • Xposed Gel Settings. This module is the perfect choice for the fans of “pure Google experience” since it allows you to customize Google Launcher by letting you hide the search bar or individual applications, change text size, icons and much more. This is a good module for those who love Google launcher.
  • Boot Manager. This is a must have module if you want your device to be slim and efficient on the boot. It allows you to select which application run when you turn on your device.

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