L Speed Mod – Improve Performance, Reduce Lag, Increase Battery Life On Lollipop ROMs

You are reading this post probably because you are not satisfied with your device and the Lollipop build that it is running on it. We have to admit that Google has done a good job with Lollipop but still there is much rom for improvements. Android 5.0 is a bigger upgrade over KitKat but still there is something that is disappointing Lollipop users.

At the beginning when Lollipop was announced, it makes too much noise. But only now that we are trying it, we can say that Lollipop need a hand to be perfect. That’s why developers are here. They create different mods for different reasons. Installing this mods you can improve many things on your device. When it comes to performance in general Lollipop is not bad comparing with the previous versions. We have to admit that it is a worthy upgrade over KitKat. One of the biggest features of Lollipop is System Runtime. Google changed it from Dalvik to ART which means a faster phone.

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If you recently updated your device to Lollipop no matter officially or through Custom ROMs you will notice the biggest changes in performance and the battery will last more. It’s the same device, with the same specs but thanks to optimizations that Google have made to Lollipop, your device is faster than before. But even though Google has done a hard work we all are agree that it could be better. We have seen changes in performance but Google was focused more in User Interface than in performance so maybe it hasn’t done the best.

But thanks to a XDA Recognized Contributor called as “Paget96”, who created something that is missed on Lollipop builds. He created a mod and named it as “L Speed”. As the name says this mod will improve performance on Lollipop and make your phone runs faster without any lag. A strongest point of this mod is that it will also improve battery life. You phone will be a real beast now. The mod will improve the all the device in general but is more focused on increasing the performance and the battery. This mod will do everything automatically by editing important files of Android system. So you only have to install it once and let it do it’s work. You will notice the change after the first boot.

L speed mod for Lollipop

No matter what kind of phone you are using, if it is running Android Lollipop, this mod should be installed right now. Even though you are not experiencing any issue or lag with you device and you are reading this post because you was curious what L Speed Mod is, still we suggest you to install it. The L Speed mod includes ram manager, busybox, zipalign and kernel tweaks. So jump into the installation guide below and install L Speed Mod on any Android Lollipop device.

How to install L Speed Mod and improve Lollipop battery & performance


  • Android Lollipop
  • Root access
  • Custom Recovery


  • Download the mod file here.

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How to guide

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • In Recovery Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache.
  • Flash the zip file that you downloaded from above.
  • After installing it you have to enable Seeder.
  • Download Terminal Emulator from Play Store and install it.
  • Open the app and enter the following code:
su (this command will allow root access to the terminal all)
 sedder (this will enable the seeder script)

L Speed Mod is now installed and Seeder scripts. You will notice the change on your phone, it will much faster than before, without any lag and the battery will last more than before.


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