Viper4Android Material Design Themes Apps – Download & Install

Viper4Android is an app that allows you to tweak your audio settings on your Android device for better performance fo your headset, bluetooth and device speaker. The app is excellent for the work it does. It is probably the best when it comes to play with audio setting for better quality.

In this article you are going to find Viper4Android themed Material Design app to install on your Android Lollipop ROM and enhance sound quality on your device. We managed to find both apk and zip files and the guides to help you to install these V4A themed apps on your Android. Without furthermore let’s jump into the installation procedure.

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  • Root Access.
  • Custom Recovery installed. (TWRP recommended)
  • SELinux Status: Permissive. How to do that? Use a kernel that features Permissive Mode or if you are using a Stock Kernel use this appbut it is a temporary method and set on boot so if you want for it to continuously work, you must keep the app installed.
  • BusyBox. Most of ROMs comes with BusyBox installed but it can happens sometime that is not installed by default. You can check it with this app.
  • NuPlayer Status: Disabled (Optional). Go to Developer Options and uncheck “Use NulPlayer”4

APK method works fine on most Lollipop ROMs. Lot of people have tested this apk and they work perfect. So we suggest you to try apk files first then if they don’t work then flash the zip files only if they really needed.

Note: This will not work on KitKat ROMs. If you want you an try it but you will get only a Holo looking Viper4Android with broken UI elements. The opposite happens with Holo version for KitKat, it is still available to download and works on Lollipop ROMs as well.

viper4android material desing apps


Download APK files.

  • Viper4Android Material Light. Download here.
  • Viper4Android Material Dark. Download here.
  • Viper4Android original Holo. Download here.

Download Zip files.

  • Viper4Android Material Light. Download here.
  • Viper4Android Material Dark. Download here.

How to install V4A apk files

  • Download the apk file you want, based on the color.
  • Put it somewhere on Internal or External SD Card.
  • Install the apk file with any File Manager.
  • Open Viper4Android and install your preferred Driver.
  • Click OK to disable LPA only if asked.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Enjoy!

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How to install V4A zip files

Caution: If the zip file is not fully compatible with your ROM setup, it could result in No Sound on your phone. That’s why is recommended to try the apk files first.

  • Always make a Nandroid backup.
  • Download your preferred color V4A zip file and put it somewhere on External or Internal Memory.
  • Turn of your phone and reboot into Recovery.
  • Choose install and select the zip file you downloaded.
  • Wait for the flashing process to finish.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Enjoy!


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