Change LED Notification Settings On Every Android Device With Light Manager V1.7 (Download Link)

Light Manager is an app created by a XDA Senior Member named as mckoo which allows you to customize notification LED settings. It is a nice app and very helpful for those devices which has a LED notification light. You can easily customize the way the LED flash when a new notification is received.

With Light Manager you can easily customize the LED color and the frequency for different notifications. It supports a huge number of options and apps you can set how the LED will flash when a notification is received.

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Light Manager allows you to set different flashing modes for different apps. It supports notifications for all your installed apps like Hangouts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many other. You also can customize the way the LED flash and its color when you receive also a message, missed call or even when a WiFi is available.

Light Manager is a nice app and it worth trying. You can see the video preview below:


Please Note: This app is tested only on Galaxy S3 so it might now work on other devices. If you want to try it do at your own risk.


  • On Android 4.1 and 4.2 is required root access for those mark with asterisk
  • On Android 4.3 and higher root is not required. You only need to enable notification access for Light Manager.

Light Manager is an application which operate in three modes depending on how you want the LED light to flash when you receive any notification.

  • Normal Mode – LED color will flash only for the first notification.
  • Alternating Mode – Few LED lights will flash when you receive multiple notifications.
  • Screen Mode – For those devices without a notification LED, notifications alert will be shown on-screen.

Light Manager can be found on Play Store. The free version contains advertisement. Download and install it from here. If you like this app and you don’t want to see that annoying ads simply download the paid version from here.

On devices running Android 4.1 and 4.2 after granting root permission for Light Manager you have to restart the phone. In Android 4.3 and higher you will not need root any more. Only enable notification access for Light Manager and you are done.

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