Download Emoji iOS 10, Android Oreo to the Galaxy S7

Nowadays emoji exist in a variety of genres to express emotions and indicate the common objects. From Android to iOS every Smartphone comes with the feature of emoticons. But there is a less possibility to use an iOS 10 emojis or Android Oreo emojis on your Android phone like; Galaxy S7.

Many people want iOS emojis on their Android phone. Due to different font support version of iOS and Android, it’s quite tough to use iPhone/Android O emojis in your Galaxy S7.

But here, I’m going to give you different ways to download Emojis iOS 10 and Android O to the Galaxy S7.

Download Emojis iOS 10 to the Galaxy S7:

1st Method

  • First of all, you need to go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it.
  • After that, you need to install emoji font 3 because due to font issues iOS doesn’t work in Galaxy S7. You can download this font from this link instead of Apple store due to copyright issues.
  • Now you have to change the font style of your Galaxy S. Go to the ‘setting’.
  • Select ‘Display’ then go to the ‘Font’ option.
  • In the font screen you’ll see different font style as different radio buttons, like; Default, Choco cooky, Cool Jazz, Emoji Font 3, Gothic Bold, etc. You just need to select ‘Emoji font 3’ radio button.
  • Select ‘Done’ button.
  • Now go to the Google app store and download emojis for flip font version to your Samsung Galaxy S7 because it runs on a higher android version than lollipop 5.1. You can download this emojis featured fonts from here.

Now it’s done. You can enjoy the new iOS feature in your Galaxy S7.

Android oreo emojis

2nd Method:

  • You need to download Emoji Switcher app from here;
  • During installation, it will ask for root access so click on ‘Allow’ option.
  • Now you will see ‘Set emojis to devices’ option with multiple lists like; Google (KitKat0, iOS 10.2, iOS 10, etc. Select ‘iOS 10’ from the list and click ‘SET’ button.
  • Let it be installed on your Samsung Galaxy S7. After that, it’ll ask to reboot the device so you will have to click on ‘Reboot’.
  • After rebooting you’ll get a new iOS 10 emojis feature in your Samsung S7.

Download Android Oreo Emojis on the Galaxy S7:

  • You just have to download file from this link;
  • Copy this zip file and paste into the root folder of your Galaxy mobile storage.
  • Now download the TWRP custom recovery file from here and flash on your Galaxy S7.
  • After that, you need to copy the TWRP recovery file to ADB and fastboot folder root.
  • Now go to the Fastboot folder, and open the command prompt there by holding shift and right click on a blank space. After that execute the following command;
abd reboot bootloader
  • Then type the next command;
fastboot flash recovery recovery_twrp.img
  • The above command will flash TWRP Recovery on your device.
  • Now you’ll have to install S8 port keyboard first from here;
  • Now download the Android O beta emojis in your Galaxy S7 from the given link;
  • Reboot your system and you’ll get Android Oreo emojis in your Samsung Galaxy S7 as a new feature of your Smartphone. Enjoy it.

As per the new standard on the emojis came in March 2017 every emoji version should come with star struck, face with a raised eyebrow, exploding head, shushing face, vomiting face, different skin tone, monocle mouth, etc. But due to font support issues, every emojis version is not capable of any of the devices. Above mentioned methods will give you proper solution regarding this.

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