How To Get Ambient Display Feature On Lollipop ROMs (AOSP & CM12)

Android devices are becoming very popular nowadays. The beauty of having an Android is that you can have the latest feature even though you don’t have the latest phone. Being an open source it allows everyone who has fantasy to develop and create features for Android. Almost every manufacture have a modified version of Android expect the Google which seem to still use the stock version but with plethora of features that is hardly to find in other devices.

Another neat feature presented by Google with Nexus 6 running 5.0 Lollipop is Ambient Display. Most of Android fans probably knows what this feature is, but for those who already don’t know, here is a short description. Ambient Display feature take care for many things on your phone. Mostly for battery and your notifications. When you let your phone on the table and after you pick it up, Ambient Display feature will show all the notifications you received like messages, Facebook comment and other things like that.

You may think know where is the beauty of this feature because you can wake up your phone and check your notifications. With Ambient Display feature you don’t have to do it anymore since it shows notifications in a black and white theme and if you want to turn on the screen simply tap on it. This looks cool and will save battery. Phones today suffers from short battery life and you have to do many tricks who can save a little energy and make your battery last more. Ambient Feature Display was firstly presents in Nexus 6 with Android Lollipop, but a developer managed to port this feature even on other Lollipop ROMs, so you can enjoy this feature even though you don’t own a Nexus 6.

DVDandroid, a developer at the XDA forum created a module for Xposed which will enable Ambient Display Feature in every Lollipop ROM. Xposed Framework is a must have tool for those who like to tweak an Android device. It allows you to install the latest feature on your device without learning to code and edit system files. The developers will do it for you and create modules for Xposed which does everything automatically, you simply have to install and activate the module. With Ambient Display Xposed Module you don’t have to check your phone every second to view notifications and wasting battery life. Simply enable Ambient Display feature and you will not only save your battery life but also will enable a new look for receiving notifications.

How To Enable Ambient Display On Lollipop (AOSP & CM12)

The first you have to do is to install Xposed Framework. It was needed a long time for Xposed to be ported on Lollipop. Since Lollipop has a different architecture from previous versions, the apps needs to be updated to work on it. Finally Xposed Framework is ported an you can install it on a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you have installed Closed yet, you can do it by following the step by step guide here.

Also you can visit our post with the best Xposed Module working on Lollipop.

  • Open Xposed Installer and go to the download section. Search for “Ambient Display” and install the first option.
  • Go to Modules and activate this module.

After enabling this Module go to Settings > Display and you will see another option named Ambient Display. Enable it and then reboot the phone.

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