Download Galaxy S5 Lollipop Launcher & Apps On Galaxy S4

The intention of writing this post is to bring back to Galaxy S4 what Samsung has left behind with the Lollipop update. Both devices Galaxy S4 and S5 received a Lollipop update but in the S4 it looks like Samsung has released an update but not with all the featured apps.

This is not a good thing from Samsung which have dropped out support for many devices and its only updating the lasts released. Even when it release updates for few devices, it still forget to port all the features and optimizations. But we use Android and everything is possible. Even though Samsung hasn’t ported the featured apps of Galaxy S5 to S4 in the Lollipop update.

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You are not going to find only the apps but the Galaxy S5 Launcher also. So if you already updated your Galaxy S4 to Lollipop and you don’t like it, check out the S5 Launcher and the featured apps and maybe your phone look better than before. Remember, this apps are only for Lollipop ROMs. Do try to install on a KitKat firmware.

The only requirements to install Lollipop Galaxy S5 launcher and featured apps is to:

  • Set permission for apk and libs rw-r-r
  • Set permission for folders rwx-rx-rx
  • If you have an Odex RON you have to delete both odex file in ARM folder.

Galaxy S5 Launcher with magazine support.

Galaxy S5 launcher lollipop

Download the apk file here and put Touchwiz home apk in system/priv-app/TouchwizHome_K/. Then delete the file in Arm folder if you have a Odex ROM.

  • Put Headline folder permissions rwx-rx-rx in system/app. 
  • Set the right permissions for headline.apk (rw-r-r)
  • Reboot.

Galaxy S5 Dialer & Contact (Lollipop)

galaxy s5 llolipop dialer & contact

  • Download for i9505 (International variant) here.
  • Download for i9500 (Exynos  variant) here.

Put SecContact apk in system/priv-app/SecContact. Set current permissions and delete the file in Arm folder if you are on Odex ROM. Reboot and that’s all.

Galaxy S5 Lollipop Message App

S5 lollipop message app

  • Download for i9505 (International variant) here.
  • Download for i9500 (Exynos  variant) here.

Put SecMmsCandy apk in system/priv-app/SecMms_Candy. Set the correct permission and delete file in Arm folder if you are on Odex. Reboot and enjoy.

Galaxy S5 My Files

galaxy s5 my files

  • Download for i9505 (International variant) here.
  • Download for i9500 (Exynos Variant) here.

Put SecMyFiles in system/priv-app/SecNotemyFiles. Set correct permissions and if you are on Odex delete the file in Arm folder.

Galaxy S5 Lollipop Gallery App

galaxy s5 lollipop gallery app

Put SecGallery2013 apk in system/priv-app/SecGallery2013/. Set the right permission and delete file in Arm folder if your ROM is Odexed.

Put libs in system/lib and set permissions rw-r-r. Reboot and enjoy.

Download here.

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Galaxy S5 Transparent AccuWeather

galaxy s5 accu weather lollipopDownload here.

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