How To Install Galaxy S5 Toolbox On Any Android

Galaxy S5 toolbox feature allows you to access you favourite and most utilize apps with a single tap. You can set a list with apps you use the most and access them through your home screen. You don’t have to go to app drawer any more to find those app. Simply by taping on app icon in the home screen you are done. The app will open immediately.

Unfortunately this feature is available only for Galaxy S5. We haven’t seen any other manufacture to bring something like this on their devices. Even Samsung haven’t included the ToolBlox on other Galaxy devices. It’s a pity that only Galaxy S5 users can enjoy this feature because it really worth to be used by every Android user.

Instead of waiting either from the manufacture to bring a feature like this on Android devices or the Samsung put it on Play Store, a developer named as Chung Van Nguyen created its own version of ToolBox for all Android devices. He put the app on Play Store and anyone can download and enjoy it. To take it simply go to Play Store and download ToolBox – Floating Window App.

Get Tolboox on every android

Install and then open it. The first thing you have to do after opening the app, is to enable ToolBox. Then you have to decide if you want to start Toolbox on boot. Next you have to select which apps you want to appear on Toolbox. Start filling it with your favourite or most used apps and you are done. Toolbox is set up properly on your Android device.

The beauty is this app is that it allows you to easily customise Toolbox to fit on your screen. To adjust its size simply use the slider. You can customize the colors of ToolBox also. You can edit it to match the colors of your current theme.

Once you set up ToolBox, a floating toggle will appear on your home screen. Simply by taping on it you can easily access toolbox. To rearrange apps with other simply tap on one app on the ToolBox and you can change it place. You see, thanks to this app is very easily to install ToolBox on every Android device.

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