How To Unlock & Relock Bootloader On Moto E 2015

Here is a well-explained tutorial to unlock bootloader on Moto E. Bootloader is executed before any operating system starts. The concept of boot loader is the same on all operating systems, no matter if its a OS for PC or phone. Every Android device has a bootloader that instructs the operating system kernel to boot normally.

But remember one thing, since Android is an open-source OS and it is available for many devices with different hardware which means that every manufacture has its own specific bootloader. The bootloader usually is locked because the open-source nature of Android, the manufacture don’t want you to mess up with it especially if its a variant of Android designed for specific devices.

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With a locked bootloader is impossible to do customizations to your device like installing a Custom ROM. So you need to unlock it first. Unlocking bootloader allows you to install Custom Firmware on your device. The unlocking procedure is not hard at all. You only have to go through few steps. Below is a guide to help you unlock bootloader on Moto E.

Note: Unlocking Bootloader will void your warranty and Wipe Data/Factory Reset. You will lose all your personal files such as photos, videos, text, apps, settings. So do it at your own risk.

unlock bootloader moto e


  • Before continuing with the Unlocking procedure firstly you should enable “Allow OEM Unlock”. To do that go to Settings > Developer Settings > and select Allow OEM Unlock.
  • Always make a backup of all your important data. Even if something goes wrong you still can have your files and restore them immediately.
  • Install Motorola USB drivers on your computer.
  • Download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot. Link.

How To Unlock BootLoader On Moto E 2015

  • Power off your device.
  • Put it on fastboot mode. Press Power and Volume Down Button simultaneously
  • Open Command Prompt on androidsdk/platform-tools. Hold Shift and right click, in the window that will appear click open command window here.
  • Plug your phone to computer.
  • Type the following code on CMD window:
  • fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  • You will get a return string. Copy it, Right-Click, Mark. Mark the text by pressing Shift and then press CTRL + C to copy.
  • Paste all the lines together in a notepad but remove all empty spaces.

Now you have to go to Motorola official site and sing in using Google account or Motorola ID if you have one. On the page at the step 6 paste the copied string. Click on “Can my device be unlocked”. Next a “Request Unlock Key” button will appear at the bottom of the page.

You have to get this Unlock Key so select the “I Agree” option and you will receive an email with the Unlock Key. You will receive the email at the address you used to sing in.

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You will receive an email within a few minutes. Open your email and check for the Unlock Key. Make sure you device is connected to PC and then copy the 20 character key. In CMD type:

  • Fastboot devices

It will check if your device is connected.

Next in CMD to unlock Moto E boot loader type:

  • oem unlock Unique_Key

Please Note: The Unique_Key is the key you received by email from Motorola. Press Enter and the unlocking procces should begin. After a while when it finish you will see “Bootloader Unlocked” warning on your Moto E.

How To Relock Bootloader On Moto E 2015

Put your phone in fastboot mode and put the following command:

fastboot oem lock

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